Wednesday, June 18, 2008


...for the perfect party...

as illustrated by the photos from niece madeline's fourth birthday last month

(photos which aunt lauren, with typical efficiency, has only just finished editing!)

tiara (got it!)

back-up tiara (just in case!)

cool tunes (uh-huh)
(mommy & maddie are dancing--and singing along to--jimmy buffet's "cheeseburger in paradise" in this picture)

princess balloons...including ARIELLE!!! (good to go!)

cousins and friends (yepper!)

a few grown-ups... (well, somebody's gotta clean up!)

licensed mechanic on stand-by (in case of emergency)

cake with princess decorations...including ARIELLE!!! (oh yeah!)

clear understanding that ARIELLE is mine! (can't be too careful!)

adorable small brother (...whatever...)

PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!! ('nuff said)

plenty of bubbles...for everyone! (excellent!)

hilarious running-around-outside games that adults cannot entirely understand (poor silly elderly dears!)

the element of surprise!!! (priceless)


  1. How fun and sweet! Looks like a true princess's dream :)

  2. what a sweet little party!!! and i love your cute lil' always make me laugh...great pictures, it looks like everyone had a great time!!!

  3. Ooo, that Princess Madelin album(?) is AWESOME! As cool as it is you HAD to have made it!

  4. That does look like the perfect party! I know it was lots of fun. All the pics are so cute. Especially the brunette with the dimple with the hottie husband and the birthday girl and the pretty madeline pink album. And that cute baby brother!!!

  5. I defy anyone to come up wth something better than scaring small children like that! Babyman is THE best at being scared witless in that whole surprise thing. Even now nearly seven years on it creases me up. bwha ha ha, BWH HA HA HA......

  6. The final picture of them laughing in the playhouse is my favorite ... oh how I wish we could all remember how good it feels to laugh like that on a daily basis.


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