Monday, June 2, 2008 usual...

a lot of people, if they had a snazzy new 3BT journal to show off, would post the cover first, followed by selected pages, with close-ups of specific techniques or products at the very end. but then, a lot of people are not me. in fact, as far as i can tell, hardly ANY OF THEM are me!!! :)

i was lucky enough to stumble upon this cool love elsie flower-shaped book on super-duper sale a couple of months ago. i wasn't sure how it would be to work on flower-shaped pages...but for the most part i am liking it...and when i'm NOT liking it, i either ignore the shape & paste in a journalling block, or i just make square or round pages and slot them in.

so howsabout some "macro" details from said book of goodness?

i b'lieve you've seen this little dude...once or twice before...i have a couple frances meyer chipboard birds, but mostly i use the same one over and over as a template for patterned paper (in this case a map of moscow)

here are some creative imaginations rubs layered OVER text from an old book. i like the way they are slightly transparent, so that beneath the soft pink flower you can read helpful hints for successful curing of cement

i love these brenda walton alphabet stamps! (also a FAB bargain) sometimes i mix them with other alphas for a fun look; this time i outlined with marker and embellished with stamps & scraps & gems

here is part of the wrapper from the cool pen trashalou sent was WAY TOO CUTE to throw lately i am hugely inspired by the way elise blaha makes entire minibooks just to save her favorite ads and other "real life bits" she collects (the sentiment is from a cheezburger pic that cracked me up!)

tomorrow, we go large!
in the meantime,
happy monday, darlings!


  1. errrr... I'm not entirely convinced I am not you. It is just possible I may fall outside the category of 'hardly any'.

    How fabulous that you have reused that knitted catty picture. I am sorry you had to get the scarred cat! He is a badass that ginger tom!

  2. I love your flower shaped 3 Beautiful Things book! I find sometimes when a project isn't progressing like I hoped I start on something else, and then the right thing does come along, even if it is not in "order" (book cover, then pages). Just like this flower book! It's perfect.

    I had trouble reading about the cement tips; the pretty pink flower blurred it too much (LOL).I like those CI flowers and your bird, of course!

    Keep these pages coming; you are on a roll!

  3. I'm loving the bits I can see....wanna see more...gimme more!!!!!
    BTW, am as addicted to 3BT as i am to a completely different way of course!
    Mad and I are considering getting some of those iron on transfer thingys to print out LOLcats pics and make t-shirts....Imagine the looks I'd get at uni then...not only with glitter in my eyebrows but a cute LOLcat shirt...of course that may just prove to be grounds for kicking me out of academia!!


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