Tuesday, July 1, 2008

operation 23: BEFORE & AFTER

we are at the official halfway point of paper adventure, woohoo!!! i came THIS CLOSE (hold your thumb and forefinger really really close together ok? yeah--i was that close!) to being caught up. i have one more to do...plus, today being tuesday...this week's assignment. but i will be THERE before next tuesday. count on it. in the meantime, i could not resist taking the official halfway portrait of my paper adventure journal. since it doesn't stand up too well, i've photgraphed it sort of sideways, so you could see the pages better. i think i am gonna need some bigger bookrings if i am to fit 27 more pages in that thing. yeah. waaaaaaay bigger bookrings!

here is my take on "before and after". it concerns a box i got in the mail from two peas a few weeks ago, during their big sale. i don't go crazy shopping very often...but it was a VERY nice sale...it would've been fiscally irresponsible NOT to go nuts, wouldn't it?!

(kodak premium photo paper; basic grey alphas; sassafrass journaling tag; autumn leaves rub-ons; sharpie pen)
text reads, "Q: how much fun fits into a medium-sized mailing box?
A: really quite a lot, if you stack it very, very neatly!"


  1. look at you go girl!
    and fiscal responsibility is ever so important. i'm glad you're being responsible (and woah... getting fun stuff to boot)
    i like the use of that sticker too!

  2. Wahoo, Lauren! Beautiful job. Love the before & after page. More toys to create!
    I haven't done a splurge in a while...just trying to get essentials at 50% off (or at least 40%) at Michael's or ACMoore like adhesive refills.

    Actually I joined a monthly kit club of Lisa Bearnson's. I actually joined TWO! One is for scrapbooking only. Yeah, I might have been caught up in the moment and this was an impulse buy. You know I have PLENTY of SCHTUFF (as Tracy calls it). The kits are supposed to ship July 14th...what have I done?

  3. Now thats what I call seroius catching up...and `Wow` some serious craeting!!!..Yaah it`s gorgeous Lauren.....
    Have a lovely Day:)x

  4. Woohooo...don't you just love that feeling of excitement when the mail person (being PC, I am) comes with the box that you know is jam packed full of goodies!
    I applaud not only your fiscal responsibility, but also your restraint in refraining from ripping open that box long enough to take a picture! What a delicious looking stash...can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  5. I went a bit nutty too ... afterall it was a fabulous sale ... and a girl can never have too much fun.

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday.

  6. I very much like your 'before and after'... and I am *SO* with you on Russell the Sheep: Russell rocks! :o)

    PS your word verification is waqvc. I strongly urge you (and everyone else) NOT to waq me. It makes me very irritable :o)

  7. What a beautiful creation!! This is such a creative idea too!! :) TFS!


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