Friday, June 20, 2008

in the pink!

hello and a very happy second-to-longest-day-of-the-year to all those of us in the northern hemisphere*! isn't it great that we have lots and lots of hours of daylight in which to make cards? since that's the case, why shouldn't we make cards for the new CAARDVARKS challenge and get a shot at a rather fab prize? seeing as our sponsor this time is pink persimmon clear stamps, i bet you can guess what the assignment is, can't you?! that's correct: make a card with a persimmon on it!!!

hahaha! sorry. kidding. of course the challenge is to make a card that is PINK! it can be any theme, any size, any shape, and any shade...or shades...but PINK it must be! and linked up it must be to the pink challenge post by midnight, july 2nd.

this was a tough one for me, since, as you probably know, pink is a color in which i RARELY, if ever work.

hahaha! sorry. kidding again! pretty much everybody including stevie wonder knows that i looooooooooooove pink, and in fact, it's basically my default color scheme: pale pink, hot pink, salmon, fuschia, flamingo, cerise, cyclamen...and every shade in between... show up OFTEN on laureny cards!

why look, here's one now:

(patterned paper: sandylion, making memories, cardstock: basic grey; stickers + velvet flower brads: creative imaginations; bracket stickers: kelly pannacci; felt trims: k & co (is it just me or are these HARD to adhere?!) flowers: petaloo;

and here's ANOTHER one:

(patterned paper: urban lily, making memories; black glossy cardstock: ranger industries; alphas: creating keepsakes, heidi swapp, k&co, prima, provocraft, pressed petals; sequins & brads: queen&co; flower sticker: creative imaginations)

so now it's time for you to get out the supplies and get IN THE PINK!!! :)

*conversely, may i wish a very happy second-to-shortest-day-of-the-year to all those of you in the southern hemisphere; what with it getting dark so early, there's no reason not to stay indoors and make cards, right?! ;)


  1. Oh My Lauren...
    You must create more with `Pink cos these are absolutly `Stunnig creations!!!!!I loves them I partcullarly loooove the second card...and the first one!!!!!.and since I loves `Pink I must try and get one made...wont be as far good as yours tho...
    I mite just lend some of your Pink`...`Mojo`....tho...
    `Have a fab Weekend:)x

  2. omigosh... its CAKE! :-)
    i love that card - its just too adorable - and i love the mm paper and all the other things you've done here sweetie - its how its situated on the card - the whole thing is just wonderful....
    (back to laundry....lessons..;-))

  3. That's what I love - a woman who can cover all the bases!

  4. Totally awesome Laureny cards...I got my lovely PINK box of goodies from Smiggle yesterday so I have more than enough PINK for quite a few cards...there's no limit on submissions...right??? I just love an excuse to make some yummy PINK cards...maybe even a card for someone I know who has a birthday very soon and happens to LOVE PINK...wonder who that could be??

  5. I love all Laureny cards, but the first one takes the cake! (I can hear you groaning...)

    Funny thing about think pink; I just happened to buy two pink mini baby stroller 2.5"x 2.5" gift cards that were on clearance at Michael's with the intent to cut off the back and mount on a card. I guess those two cards will be the next cards I will make :)


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOVE both of these cards!!
    SPESH the first one!!
    it ROCKS!
    Pink. Well i dont like pink but you work with it SO WELL that i am FIRCED to love it!! :)

  7. Super lovely girly Laureny wonderfulness all around ... wonderful cards.

  8. Oh wow these cards are just so gorgeous fabulous work,Dawnx

  9. Your cards are always cute. These two are no exception. I love them. And I too love pink. You must be full of love, because pink means love.

  10. Your cards rock in the biggest way ever!!!
    You are the funniest....maybe we should do a persimmon challenge the next round :)
    Or maybe bonus points for those who make a persimmon card.....
    Anyhoo, you brightened my day with your funny. Thanks ;)

  11. Well someone has been busy, while I have been away!
    I've had a great time catching up with your blog, you've made lots of gorgeous creations!
    I always love your pink Laureny cards! and these are no exception!
    Hope that you are having a great weekend!
    Nicola xx

  12. Just love your cards and your blog, Soooooo funny.
    Enjoy the weekend.


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