Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i don't know if i've ever mentioned this to you, but i quite like pink. and black. and sparkly things. and cute little birds. and foreign text, and basic grey, and...well...

without futher ado, may i present the cover of 3 beautiful things, volume four?

this is what it would look like if i worked flat and only used the flower-shaped pages which came with the book:

(love elsie "betty" album; patterned paper: prima, urban lily; chinese newspaper; cardstock stickers: basic grey, creative imaginations; epoxiy stickers: michaels $ spot; felt fusion: queen & co; brads: hot off the press; rub-on alphas: making memories)

of course, i work BULKY, and i've made pages of all different shapes and sizes to supplement the ones that came in elsie's book, so IRL, it actually looks like this:

and here's the whole sprawly, scrawly, messy, non-homogeneous, conglomeration of junk i have clipped together with an extra-large bookring from staples:

nice, innit?! :)


  1. OH! It's so beautiful! I love the bulky one beteter. Gorgeous - as usual you have the ability to make my jaw drop!

  2. It IS beautiful. I enjoy each page as you blog them, but I also like all the color when displayed as a book. It makes you want to stop what you are doing and sit down and enjoy the book.
    I am so impressed that you have kept up with this. Volume 4 already?!
    Someday I will start my own 3BT book. I love the idea of it. I hope next school year (the girls will be gone all day in school for the 1st time giving me an extra 2 1/2 hours) I can stay ahead in making cards for G'berry's,
    holiday gifts, and my scrapbooks and start a 3BT book.

  3. Beautiful! I can only dream of having the ambition to do something like that one day :)

  4. Yup. It sure is VERY nice!! :)

  5. OMG!!! SOOOOOO much better than "nice"...are you kidding me? it is over the top fantastic!!! now...are you keeping the secret of the birds from me? fess up!!! i just love them!!!

  6. Oh yeah, this is nice. This is beyond nice. And I particularly like the page with the joke about Uncle Bob - very funny .... has LHJ 'got it' yet??


    ps. I also particularly like the monkeys/cupcakes/ice-creams/cocktails postcard - thank you - but APPLES? What's that all about?!


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