Monday, June 16, 2008

manly happy returns!

it's CAARDVARKS' micro time! it's CAARDVARKS' micro time! are you ready for a 24-hour micro challenge??!

of course you are!!!

ok, so what's the most common type of card we need throughout the year? (this is based on my own, completely un-scientific analysis, but be a sport and play along ok?) the most common type of card we need throughout the year is the birthday card! and what's the hardest kind of birthday card to make? (again, you may or may not agree...but humor me!) the hardest kind of birthday card to make is the GUY birthday card!!! and *WHY* are guy birthday cards the hardest??! wellll...for that one i don't really have a confident universal answer...but in my case, i suspect it has a something to do with an over-reliance on flowers and bling in my default card-makin' paradigm.

...or maybe i just know the wrong kind of guys...??! :)

in any case, to participate in the challenge--and increase your guy-card arsenal by one (or more)--make a manly birthday card by midnight, june 17th, and link it to the micro-post!

oh yeah, didja wanna see MY card for this challenge? here you go:

(fish pic from national geographic; black glossy cardstock: ranger; white matte cardstock: staples; patterned paper: junkitz; happy birthday diecut: bazzill; font: moderne; other: foam tape, zig writer)

on the outside of the card one clownfish asks: "Are you Nemo?"

to which the other replies: "No! I thought YOU were Nemo!"

the inside of the card reads: "Happy Birthday from both of us!"


  1. Hey there!!! Was wondering how you were doing, I missed you for a long while at the Paper '08 Adventure? Aren't you playing along anymore??
    I'm trying to get caught up.... it's hard....

    But I do love love love this card!!! How on earth did you get this great idea!!!

  2. that is just too funny! brilliant card
    Lou x

  3. Hi Lauren, great manly card you did. I dread making manly things too for the same reason...bling. Though I'm usually drawn to great herringbone and check patterns...go figure.
    Anyway, thanks for the comments on my blog. I heard the same comment today about making the birthday cake book into a wedding book. Great minds think alike. Take care...keep inspiring me...Please!!

  4. Darling card Lauren!!!! Your father's Day sounded divine:)

  5. awwwwwwwwww i love nemo! toooooooooo adorable! (and it has scallops around that HB - how aquatic! and masculine with all them waves on the paper :-))
    wonderful card

  6. I went to 'Varks first and saw this card, but now that I know the inside of the card, I love it even more!

    How on earth you combine different elements to make your fab unique cards is just astounding. I'm needing a little mojo right now...

  7. and your card is fabulous as always Lauren..I love it:)you very talented creatve woman you:)......

  8. And you know it is soooo true b/c it is not like either of those two were going to stop and ask who was in charge!

  9. your card is perfect! and it's true! I really struggled with leaving off the flowers and bling on my cards...

  10. Love the inside quote ... such a great card ... fabulous as usual my dear.


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