Sunday, June 15, 2008

can i be frank?

we got home last night later than expected from visiting my in-laws in maryland (happy father's day!) and instead of finishing today's blog post, returning emails, and visiting other people's blogs, i decided the most efficient use of my time was to sprawl on the couch with lovely husband jeff, eat chinese food*, and watch friday night's taped episode of doctor who**...which just MIGHT be my all-time favorite!

hey: a girl's gotta keep her priorities straight, kwim?!

sadly, it means i don't have anything FAB ready to show you today. but no worries--i can always CHEAT! :) here's a 3BT page from last week i really like: it's the postcard from my friend paul's studio opening***, a picture of francis albert from a post office brochure, the backing of a sheet of sinatra stamps, the label off a pellegrino lemonade, and some fish stickers, obviously.


*finally i got A PROPER FORTUNE: "you will travel to many places"! wahey! ok, no tall dark strangers or mysterious parrots...but still... :)

**as well as providing the best explanation of agatha christie's mysterious ten-day disappearance in 1926 that i have ever heard: i bet all those christie scholars feel PRETTY SILLY now!

***the painting, which i rotated, is actually a snowy forrest scene; but those deep blue-green shadows looked quite "oceany" to me somehow...i know, i know, it all sounds SO unlikely...just go with me, ok?! :)


  1. Love your clever title, "can i be frank?"
    Good for you and LHJ having a little lazy time. DH & I had a weekend like that a couple of weeks ago. I felt a little guilty, but we all deserve it once in a while. Maybe it gave me the energy needed to make 36 assembly-line cards in less than 48 hours :)
    I'll post those tomorrow...
    Very nice 3BT post. Love Paul's art and the blues that bring out the blue in Frank's eyes (as if they need help!)

  2. Goof for you Lauren! Take & ENJOY that you time!

    LOVE the page! Did you get the "Frank" envelop? It's AWESOME! I still need to get some stamps.

    Hope you have a GREAT week.


  3. Oooh couchie coo!!!!lol...sounds like you had a fabulous Day then:)
    Have a fabulous week...:)x

  4. well FINALLY!!! i have been having trouble trying to comment here lately {?}...i thought maybe you had me blocked :)
    lazy days are great, i love them...hope you had fun with your hubby...
    what a great page!!!

  5. 1 - yes, you can be Frank but I really prefer you be Lauren if you really wanna know
    2 - where in Maryland!?!?!?
    3 - why do you tell me about more fun shows I need to watch!now i'm gonna have to find it
    4 - i'm done now... :-)

  6. You wait until the next two episodes - you will only sleep with the lights on from then out!!!!!

  7. It's just too unfair that I live in Australia where for some unkown reason the TV people have decided to punish us by delaying all these fabulous Dr Who episodes (not to mention other great shows) for months and months and months... Now I'm insatiably curious and desperate to know what happened to Agatha...I mean really, it's just not fair for you to drop hints like that when I don't know how long I have to wait to see it!!! I guess I'll just have to console myself with watching old ones and dreaming of the day when my beloved doctor comes back to my tv!
    PS Frank looks great!!!


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