Saturday, June 28, 2008

operation 20: THREE WORDS

hooray! i've done another paper adventure page! i am halfway to caught up!!! here are the directions for this one, from elise:

"This week: Tell yourself about yourself in just three words."

at first i thought this would be impossible. and then, i suddenly remembered something lovely husband jeff said to me years and years and years ago... (so many years, in fact, that he was then still known as "lovely BOYFRIEND jeff"!) ...when i had said something that particularly amazed and amused him. for better or for worse--and it depends on the day, really--but, "you're too much" does pretty well sum me up!

whilst looking for a different photo from around that time (the early 1980's) i stumbled upon this one (from 1966) of a not-quite-2-year-old me, in my grandfather's office. it doesn't REALLY go with the quote. but jeff insists that when i am sitting at my computer, trying to think of what to write next, i still get this exact same expression on my face.

does this mean i've used *a thousand and three* words??!

(patterned paper, border stickers, numeral & brackets: creative imaginations; fabric paper: love elsie; ghost clock & plastic letters: heidi swapp; glitter stickers: k&co; rhinestone star: mambi photocorner: scrapworks; heart pin: joann essentials; fonts: ck typewriter, bobmono; other: foam tape, colorbox ink, jewelcraft gems)

text reads: "Lauren," he said admiringly, "YOU'RE TOO MUCH!!!" ...and they lived happily ever after...


  1. I love this! You are so witty and clever :) What a great photo and a perfect layout to show it off!

  2. Very cool layout - lots of thought went into this one as well as creativity. This will be great to go back and look @ years from now too. :-)

  3. omigosh you were (ARE) adoarable! that is an amazing photo - you must use it for your book!(well when you write one :-))
    love the page - its too perfect for words (3 or a hundred). now i have to ask - isn't "you're too much" either NY or NJ -ese? We'd always say (and still say) "you're too much" (i think i'm still fluent in my NY or NJ-ese even living down here in dasouth) - this doesnt negate the aptness or appropriateness pour vous cos honey you are too much in the very best way :-) bestest way ever!

  4. That is a sweet scrapbook page to go with a perfectly sweet baby! You are so precious...both then and now. I love the totally Lauren pages.

  5. Aaahhhh, you were so gorgeous! not much has changed huh? And I'd have to are definitely tooooo much, in the nicest possible way...and of course your adoring fans can never get enough! ;)

  6. What a fabulous photo ... and wonderful three words. Here's a woot woot, triple arm pump, high five, way to go, for enjoying those fun pages.

  7. just are so creative & always make me smile!!

    Love it!

  8. Dear Lauren,

    I think you did a wonderful job!
    The page "YOU'RE TOO UCH is so BEAUTIFUL!
    I really think this is a awesome one!
    Keep up: you're almost there!
    Hug, Jen.

  9. Ithink this is fabulous what a cutie are you!!!:)x

  10. Fantastic!!! Love the photo and the three words! I bet we all pull funny faces when we concentrate! My boyfriend knows when I've been crafting... I get relly fuzzy hair he calls it mad professor hair!!! (cheek)
    Thank for stopping by my blog! Kim

  11. You're just too much! Love it love it love it!!!!
    Such a cute picture!


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