Thursday, July 31, 2008

random stuff i've learned from a year of 3BT-ing

before saying one more word on this subject let me re-emphasize that not just this project, but the ENTIRE IDEA AND CONCEPT of "three beautiful things" is the pure genius of the lovely and amazing clare grant! if you like *anything* about this, pleeeeeeeeeeease go along and check out her blog--you can thank me later!!! there is NO WAY i would ever have thought this up on my own; i am continually awestruck by the way she can distill the very essence of an experience into one perfect...and perfectly evocative...sentence; she has my heartfelt thanks and admiration always!

and now a few summing up thoughts for the year:

1. my friend beshka’s advice, “give yourself permission to make something ugly” …a thing which i at first didn't understand…and then did not believe helpful…is a statement of absolutely invaluable genius for which I am grateful pretty much every single day!

the very first page i made...bird mania had only just begun!

2. “using up” time, energy, and supplies on a “morning page” is never EVER a waste... (i feel i owe julia cameron quite a large and sheepish mental apology on this point!) ...more like an investment; one that pays serious dividends!

3. making “pointless” things (those which cannot be given or sold and don’t “lead to” anything else) is hardly ever pointless…and almost always leads to something else…eventually…that i could not possibly have imagined or planned for.

a recent page featuring the "new baby", whom i have christened "sister klara" in honor of kristie's old pal

4. having always hoarded little bits of paper, stickers, badges, advertisements, postcards, photos cut out of magazines…some wind up in a project or greeting card but lots more just get “saved” in a box or clutter my desk until either feel frustrated or finally part with them. a daily journal provides an EXCELLENT home for such treasures!

5. my handwriting isn’t so bad, afterall; and immediately makes any item on which it is featured uniquely “MINE” (if not always uniquely *readable* lol!)

a recent page made with ZERO planning...testament to instinct kickin' in when it's needed!

6. it sounds counter-intuitive, but 3BT-ing is actually quite effective against mild depression. it turns out there is often quite a bit to be happy about, which just gets hidden or forgotten in the rush and bustle of daily life. especially if there are bigger, less positive things going is quite helpful to be actively seeking the good stuff!!!

7. shaped pages (like, say, a flower) can be challenging to work with…but they make ya think in creative ways! in fact, generally speaking, a "problem to solve" can be your best friend, creatively.

8. planning is excellent…but sometimes “winging it” is great! once in a while you’ve just gotta start drawing/stamping/gluing WITHOUT A PLAN!!! (& a journal is the ultimate no-pressure, no-audience, no-expectation setting for such experiments!)

a vintage party invitation i have been "saving" for...something...yet loathe to use! VOILA! it's been given a permanent home where it can be loved and cherished!

9. i don’t have to love how every page turns out! (you have no idea what a breakthrough this one was for me!!!) pages which are the most fun to make might not be my favorites to look at…or vice versa...and that’s ok.

10. if i never make anything i HATE…i am probably not taking enough risks in my art! sometimes it is GOOD to “go too far”!

11. and finally--this is not a NEW insight, but it bears repeating anyway--there are very few paper-crafting crises which can’t be fixed (or at least improved) by the judicious application of rhinestones!!!!!!!!!!

page 366: it only seems right to come full circle!

there are still two days to enter my beautiful things blog candy giveaway!

leave a comment ON THE BLOG CANDY POST and tell me one of your beautiful things for today! ...AND...if you have a few minutes, go and read the ones that people have already left! they are magnificent, every single one! thank you!!!
ps to those who've very kindly expressed interest in seeing additional pages: if you click on the "3 beautiful things" label at the bottom of this post you will get a list of all the posts i have done on this subject...all of which have at least a few pictures!


  1. Thanks for the photos Lauren :) I'm hopping over to Clare's blog. I think I'm at 95 or 96% convinced.

  2. Lauren, thanks for sharing your insight with us...i am constantly held back by many things that you mentioned...i vow to stop worrying so much about the end result and just enjoy the process...and hee hee hee too true about the rhinestones!!!

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! i hate my avatar...must fix that pronto!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing all of these pages today and your bits of creative wisdom. I enjoyed this post immensely and will probably re-read again and again. Full of good stuff! Love ya, girlfriend!

    I NEEDED to hear EVERY one of those!
    And your pages that went with...ROCK!
    I LOOOOOVE the birdies!

  6. Lauren, I can't believe you called the typewriter *sister klara*...lucky my coffee was FINISHED before i saw that, you totally crack me up!!! I LOVE 3BT and i have you to thank for that, every singel day clare brings a smile to my face and that girl can WRITE...i am seriously in awe of her talent. I, too, believe that being grateful for the little things in our lives is a cure for the blues...i have a journal (well, a whole series of them actually) where sometimes i have a get it all off my chest kinda rant and at other times i write enormously long lists of all the beautiful things in my life that i am grateful for.
    BTW: i believe there is no such thing as a *pointless* creation's all art (as I was reminded by a comment on my blog the other day) and as art needs no *point* except it's own existence. YAY 4 ART!!

  7. Oh yay more beautiful things shared!! I'm loving this post. I'm off to get engrossed in 3BT Blog now. And I always say - There are no mistakes in paper crafting only Embellishment Opportunities!! ;-)

  8. isn't julia cameron the best?! I love her.

    looking at your "older" stuff fo r inspo. wow! I am always amazed at how much you can squeeze on one little card and still make it gorgeous! : .)


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