Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i am *BRILLIANTE* (...apparently...)

...at least, that's what my lovely blogging friend madonna dunn said! and since she is a rather fabulous card maker, papercrafter, and stampin' up demonstrator, i suppose she oughtta know *BRILLIANTE-ness* when she sees it; thus i thank her very kindly! :)

ok, so here are the rules and regulations regarding said award:

1) Put the logo on your blog. (check! see above.)

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you. (check again! see above, just below the other above, above.)

3) Put your right foot in. (well, that's a bit odd...but alrighty...check!)

4) Put your right foot out. (ummmmm...this just isn't sounding right to me...)

5) Put your right foot in, and you shake it all about. (ok, nope! this cannot be correct!)

oof! sorry!!! ...SOMEHOW...apparently i have gotten the directions for this web award confused with some other instructions...SO...we will have to do this on the honor system! since we all know that quite clearly EVERYONE who reads this is indisputably *BRILLIANTE* in every conceivable way, you may all chose to either:

A: accept being tagged and pass along the award yourself


B: do the hokey pokey*

either way darlings, i hope you have an absolutely *BRILLIANTE* tuesday...because that's what it's all about!!!

*if you are british, you may do the "hokey cokey" instead. (i would also offer a small prize to the person who can essplain why we say "pokey" and you say "cokey" and which came first!) if you are from a country that doesn't have the hokey pokey OR the hokey cokey i will just tell you that it's a bit of a silly dance that, along with the alley cat and the chicken dance, mostly gets done at really small childrens' parties (when i was a little girl, anyway) and really large drunken weddings.

updated later that same day: persuant to a comment from my lovely & hilarious friend the vicious chicken, i have been to read her current blog post, and so should you! it's (partially) inspired by this post; it involves the commedian bill bailey + the hokey pokey/cokey + the german art band kraftwerk + bumblebees, and it made me laugh uproariously, as most of vc's posts do. go. go now! i urge you!!!


  1. heh heh heh!!! you always make me laugh:) congrats on your award and for the levity you added to the proceedings!!!

  2. I'm all for drunken weddings. And of course you're brilliante. Way to go! xo

  3. Congrats on the well-deserved award m'dear! I'm afraid I have no answers to your questions regarding the etymological roots of the hokey cokey/pokey... but I *did* manage to go off on a hokey-cokey-based tangent all of my own, which I have very kindly shared with the world over on my blog. Because, you know, I'm kind like that: I think the world deserves to share in the meandering wanderings of my mind*. Or at least, the world hasn't yet come up with a good enough excuse as to why it should be let off.

    *"....You put your left brain in, you left brain out, in, out, in, out, and shake it all about..."

  4. The award is definitely well deserved...you are surely *BRILLANTE*! Plus you are 2 for 2 on the making Kristie laugh uproariously stakes today...you are on a roll! Now I'm off to visit VC...she is almost as funny as you are ;)


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