Wednesday, July 9, 2008

thoughtfulness, thy name is STEF!

stephanie severin, that is! those of you who post on split-coast stampers or caardvarks might well know her as smilyn' stef......i am proud to call her my friend-n-colleague! i am even prouder to display my latest acquistion of stef-based art. behold:

isn't it *beautiful*??! and guess what? that IS NOT store-bought indian-themed shimery background paper...stef MADE that!!! can you *imagine*?! yeah, me neither, but she essplains it HERE ...and being as she is a very good teacher, even i understood the instructions!

but wait, that was not ALL that was in the envelope she sent me the other day. oh no. there were STAMPS in there, too!!! really, reallllllly COOL ONES! wanna see:

stef said when she saw them in a store on her recent stamping road trip they just seemed to be crying out to come and live at my house. and you have to admit, they are *VERY* me! i mean, heck: a bird IN a heart...AND a crown??! who knew autumn leaves had started a "lauren only" line!!! wow--this niche marketing is *GREAT*, innit??! :)

thank you thank you thank you miss stephanie!!!

and now, if you'll excuse me...there's a little birdie here who needs my attention!!!!!


  1. Nawww... That's just the cutest! I mean - ALL of it!! :D

  2. Very pretty card and GREAT stamps!! Stef, you're a sweetie :)
    Can't wait to see a birdie and a crown on something, Miss Lauren!!

  3. WOW! Lucky you! That card is AWESOME!

  4. looking forward to seeing some of that individualised stamping action going on there Missus!!

  5. great stuff! that paper Steph made is gorgeous...LOVE the bird stamp:)

  6. Wow, Stef is awesome... that is one gorgeous card. I can't believe they're making stamps just for you...that is so cool...can't wait to see what you come up with...

  7. You are too kind my dear friend ... enjoy!

  8. Wonderful card, wonderful stamps...wonderful friend! ♥


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