Sunday, July 6, 2008

operation 26: HOME SWEET

this week's paper adventure assignment...or rather, last week's paper adventure assignment to tell what represents home to us. which is totally simple, in my case: my home is less of a where and more of a whom; i could live pretty much anywhere...all i really need is lovely husband jeff, on the couch next to me, watchin' the weather he is in this picture:

(patterned paper: ki & a vintage children's dictionary page; fabric paper: love elsie; chipboard & decorative tape: heidi swapp; key diecut & journalling tag: k&co; other: colorbox inks; vintage game token with bird onnit)


  1. Isn't that the truth ... home is people who matter most ... love your cool text house with the text turned on its side ... fabulous page.

  2. That's a GORGEOUS page! I'm with you and Stef...home is never a 'place' it's always just with the people you love...makes me wonder i'm not loving the big bad city!

  3. Your Jeff is soooooo gorgeous! Hey looks a bit like my CK when he still had a moustache :-)

  4. What a wonderful HOME SWEET HOME you made!
    Looks to me you have a very cousy home!
    I like the way you combinated the colors!
    Enjoy life,

    bye-bye, Jen.

  5. Most excellent page, Miss Lauren! Now, seriously, I'd pick LHJ, Lovely HOTTIE Jeff, over DC.

  6. Must have been so not awake, now I see more and more pages LOL
    Love this one!!! Great page.. and you're right, actually, home is where the heart is!!


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