Monday, July 28, 2008

operation 29: QUIET

i know what you're thinking: "this CAN'T be lauren's paper adventure page, it's only got THREE PRODUCTS ON IT!!!!!!!" yes, indeedy, even i was surprised to find myself making something so clean and minimalist...but you follow the prompt...and this is where "QUIET" led me!

(top: plain white *!* cardstock from staples; buddha picture cut from an advertising postcard; heidi swapp ghost letters; unknown transparency; silver sharpie marker; staples. bottom: creative imaginations notebook paper; basic grey alphas; colorbox ink; sharpie & uniball pens)

the journaling, which is on the back, reads, "QUIET is one of those words like 'balance' and 'minimalist'...i love the IDEA of it...but it's hard to see how to apply it to *me*! i do feel quite content and absorbed at times, though, especially when i'm making something...does that count?!"


  1. Yes, that counts :) You managed another great PA page that suits both the theme and YOU perfectly.

    I think this page is clean, minimalistic, and balanced, yet still fabulous and fancy as only you, dear Lauren, can create.

  2. fabulous handwriting and sentiment. love the ghost letters.

  3. I love that you think this page minimalist! It is absolutely gorgeous and very elegant

  4. BEAUTIFUL Lauren!
    I LOVE the combination of that GORGEOUS green, the script lettering, the clear letters and that AWESOME Buddha pic! It all came together soo AWESOME!

  5. These are `wonderful` Lauren...
    "Quiet"WHATS THAT!!!LOL...
    Hope you are well Lauren...:)x

  6. Great text - and I absolutely ADORE your handwriting! Wish I could write like that....awesome!

    About those little hearts on my blog - just press "Alt 3" (without the quotation signs and the 3 on the numeric keyboard). You can write them almost anywhere, aren't they darling? Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog btw!


    PS. That sentiment "inte vacker men sällsynt" is Swedish and not Danish- you had no way of knowing that. I'm just a Swedish girl living in Denmark ;)

  7. That's the Buddha, the epitome of quiet! I love the minimalist look...maybe June and I are rubbing off on you????

  8. Love the white on white ... and that you put the journaling on the back ... very pretty my dear.


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