Wednesday, July 30, 2008

speaking of *BEAUTIFUL* things…

i think what impresses me most about the online crafty blogging community is the sheer generosity and kindness of folk! when you admire a cool product, someone sends you a link; when you gasp in amazement at a new technique, someone explains how it’s done; when you feel a bit gloomy or down, someone comes along with a cheerful word! it’s AMAZING, and sooooo inspiring! i mean, i'm sure *SOMEWHERE* there’s gotta be some grumpy selfish artsy types...but *I* sure have not run into them!!! as a matter of fact, yesterday was pretty much the BEST MAIL DAY EVER at my house, thanks to a couple of lovely bloggers; i received two--count ‘em two--awesome packages in the mail ! how cool is *that*?! (hint: it is very very cool indeed!)

package #1: recently i saw a card on terrie bailey’s blog that had some really beautiful, really TEENY black star gems on it. having never seen anything like them, i asked miss terrie where she got them. it turns out they are NAIL ART gems that she acquired on ebay…but…and here was the problem: the seller only ships inside the uk! terrie being one of the nicer humans on the planet, as well as a rather astonishing artist and craftswoman immediately offered me some of her own PERSONAL stash of gems. could i pay her back or trade for something, i asked?? no way, she was happy to share! the gems arrived yesterday, a whole bunch of them in all different shapes and colors in a special organizer box! but not on their own…oh no…terrie also sent along this BEAUTIFUL gift set! the gems were in their own handmade mini shopping bag (avec vellum butterfly, naturally!) deliciously scented fancy jasmine soap is ensconsed in a fancy embellished custom box, there's a really gorgeous matching card and tag--complete with one of terrie's signature hand-crocheted flowers on there! well, why don’t i shut up and just SHOW YOU:

needless to say I LOVE evey single one of my goodies and I am very grateful to--not to mention in awe of--terrie! many thanks, girlfriend!!!

package #2: a few months ago i was lucky enough to win a card challenge hosted by elizabeth wickland on her fabulous blog “my inner martha”. (dontcha looooove that name?! i chuckle every time i see it!) as a result, i received a truly awesome prize package of gems and stamps and magnets and ephemera items…all wrapped up in the most adorable hand-made paper purse you have ever seen! obviously i was thrilled…well who WOULDN’T be?! so imagine my surprise when i discover that at the end of the whole series of challenges, the amazingly generous elizabeth took the names of all the previous winners and entered them into an extra round-up drawing! and guess who won???! uh huh. LOOKIE:

do ya see that GORGEOUS card??! An howsabout those little clearstamp sets?! (elizabeth, i have looked over and over again for those “month” stamps--having seen them on someone else’s blog--and my Michael’s NEVER has ‘em!) plus there is unmounted rubber of such fabulosity that i have already looked up how to cling-mount them for ease of use with my acrylic blocks!

thank you VERY MUCH INDEED, miss elizabeth! your inner martha is spectacularly good at making people feel extra-special!

would you like some fun stuff in YOUR mailbox??!

remember you've got until midnight on Friday to leave a comment ON YESTERDAY’S POST telling me a “beautiful thing” from your day to be eligible for my beautiful things blog candy giveaway... (or as the hilarious and wonderful mrs. trashy has renamed it, the see just how clever i am giveaway!) :) it can be big or small...silly or profound…just something that made you stop and say, “WOW! That was cool!” in the same way that terrie’s and elizabeth’s kindness made me do so!

i don't think nina will mind my revealing the secret of the tiny press ALT and the 3 on your numeric keypad (thus laptops cannot perform this minor miracle) at the same time, et voila: "♥" (i'd have to count this as one of MY 3BT's for monday, btw...for some reason this little bit of hidden technology has totally enthralled me!)


  1. Wow Miss must have done some good deeds somewhere along the line to get such good karma all in one day...YAY for you!! I must admit I'm quite taken with the blingy 'beautiful'...what a great item for the cover of your next 3BT journal!!

  2. Lauren, your mailbox was surely smiling on you...what great goodies you got!!!!!!!! i just love when that happens:) and thanks for sharing the mystery of why i can't make the cute little heart thingie...dang laptop!!!

  3. Yay for good mail!! But you know that you were totally describing YOURSELF in the first few sentences of this post??!! (Before, and not including, the part about the grumpy selfish artsy types :)

  4. Bugger! I told CK we didn't need a laptop!

  5. Ooooh Miss Lauren lots of..."love to ya all...
    Your too kind ...and to nice and all of that!!!and I cant get my keyboard to perform the little Heart thingie Task!!!!I`ll keep trying:):):)
    `Thankyou` your a gem!!!lol...get it...he he ....
    Have a wonderful week:)x

  6. Sounds like you're having a great month.!! I'd love all those great gifts too.

  7. Wow ! Lauren ! How blessed to receive such fab gifts from 2 fab gals too !!!! wonderful ! You so deserve it , girl !

    I've just re-discovered & reading your posts does remind me of her - minus the living on a ranch part I'm sure ! lol love your humor as always !


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