Thursday, July 3, 2008

geez...that's A LOT of candles!!!

ok, so the cat is slightly out of the bag: some of us DID have a bit of a birthday recently. and it turns out the old saying IS true: once you're over the hill, you DO pick up speed!!! :) (kidding!) (sort of!)

but the great part of birthdays is that one is showered with cool cards...including lovely handmade this one from june:

and this one from tracy:

plus lovely blogging friends post pics of one's favorite heart throbs--kristie showed this one, amongst others-- in my honor on monday:

one might even find a goodie or two in one's mailbox, including a hilarious book full of craft projects inspired by bollywood films, like this one from my friend gill:

as far as special treats go, one's husband might well have arranged for a fun day in new york city, featuring a great museum, and some stellar gelato, and perhaps culminating in the adoption of a puppy?? or perhaps not...i'm not sure our roof is big enough for this fella!

yes, indeedy, one might well be said to to have crammed 44 years worth of fun into one which i say, thank you thank you thank you to everyone for all the lovely wishes! of course, there are still 364 more days of forty-fourish-ness where THAT came which i say:



  1. I'll be 44 in about two years, and I want to look as good as YOU!

    I am so happy you enjoyed such a lovely birthday!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs :)

  2. Sad that I missed you birthday - but very happy that you had such a good one! Happy, happy belated birthday to you, though :o)

  3. NO FAIR! I didn't know about your Birthday! Keeping secrets huh?!

    Happy belated birthday my friend. I am soo glad you had such a good time AND got such great cards.

    GB Hugs!

  4. Wooohooo....what a great hubby you have taking you to the museum! I am totally jealous you went to the met! I went to the Aus museum last Sunday and saw the coolest dinosaur exhibit...I'm so glad you had a great should get a tiny little parcel from down under very soon too.....wonder what it could be ;)

  5. What fun ... museum and gelato ... sounds pretty perfect to me (did you try more than one flavor?). Hugs.

    I have about 30x365 more days till I'm 44! :)
    Love the cards and piccies you gots :)
    Thats largely oversized poddle thingy is SO AWESOME!!

  7. You kept that under your hat! Happy Belated Birthday you sneaky thing!

  8. Hey, hey, keeping your birthday a secret? Hope it was special! (BIG HUGS) xo

  9. Gad dang it - I'm massively late wishing you a belated happy birthday ... but Massively Late Belated Happy Birthday!!!

    It looks like you had some fabulous goodies ... not least the picture of our mate Dan in his shorts. [We went to see Hancock last night {brill} and there was a trailer for the next Bond movie .... grrrrrr indeed ....]



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