Monday, July 14, 2008

operation 28: ART!!!

this week's paper adventure assignment is kind of freeform: the prompt is be interpreted in any manner we wish.

can i get a WAHEY??! :)

ever since i saw the amazing documentary who gets to call it art i have had something that barnett newman said stuck in my head. i have also had the vague idea that i should "do something with" this little bit of wisdom...i just didn't know WHAT. until now.

thanks barnett! and thanks, elise!!!

(birds from a vintage children's encyclopedia; crafty secrets patterned paper; brenda walton clear stamps & provocraft roller stamp; dmc pearl cotton; paper source leaves; vintage beads attached with diamond glaze)

i had envisaged making more of a traditional collage, but when i found this illustration, i knew it was THE ONE...and being as it is on the large size (my book's 5.5 x 8.5) somewhat limited what else was gonna fit on the page. plus, i did not really want to mess with the perfect simplicity of these two sweet little guys on their charming branch. so i went with loads of texture to embellish without covering up. i am quite happy with the result.

here is a closeup of the beads and the leaves and the stitching, unfortunately i could not capture the somewhat metallic & shimmery coating that is on the beads, but in real life they have almost a coppery sparkle.

and yes, you know i would not be my obnoxious but loveable self, if i did not point out with a certain pride that i am STILL CAUGHT UP on paper least until tomorrow morning! :)


  1. WOW...this is just perfect...being kinda late in the evening here added to the fact i just took my meds, i had to think about this for a sec...then it hit me and i had an 'aahhh ha' moment...nice!
    btw: i am rather impressed with that stitching miss lauren and sewing those beads...very nice indeedy!

  2. Love what you did here and the gingham background really sets it all off.

    Have a nice day :)

  3. You must have a HUGE stash of fab images! The birds are awesome, and I'm so glad that you did a close up of the beads and leaves for us, they look amazing! xx

  4. Vintage children's encyclopedia ... something else I need to be on the hunt for ... what a fabulous image ... and what a great quote ... lovely as always!

  5. ahhh....yes, I love this layout - and I know you have a huge stash of paper and of cool embellishments - pls tell - do you belong to any kit clubs and/or could you recommend a source for the rest of us to acquire such lovely papers??!! (thanks!)

  6. fab Fab FAB!! You Rock, girl! Love your work. ♥

  7. Wow Lauren, this is amazing!! Love love love it!

  8. I bow to you, scrapping diva! You managed an ornate yet somewhat simplistic beautiful page...dare I say "simply elegant"????

    I have to strongly disagree that you are obnoxious, and vehemently agree that you are loveable!

    How wonderful to be caught up...even if just for the moment :)

  9. Who is your publisher? Obviously you got a HUGE advance so I shall look to my email for the e-ticket to N.J.



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