Friday, July 18, 2008


from left to right: riley, maddie, lindsay

last week i met up with the nieces at a fancy playground near their grandmother's house. there was a big castle with slides and ladders and secret compartments...a zillion sandboxes...smaller forts to climb around on... (including pirate- and princess-themed ones which were MEGA popular with these young ladies!) ...sliding boards of every shape and size...and of course, my old favorite: SWINGS--lots of them!

we tried out almost ALL the equipment...we posed for photos...we ran and squealed and climbed and laughed our heads off! we had a picnic lunch. there were sandwiches and grapes and juiceboxes for all; not to mention--and i cannot emphasize enough the importance of this--DORA THE EXPLORER CUPCAKES!!!

but maybe the most popular feature of the afternoon was this tire swing, on which all three cuties could ride AT THE SAME TIME--what could be better than to have this much fun...ALL TOGETHER?!

...unless it's to be a grown-up aunt, standing nearby, with a camera...yeah, that's pretty cool, too! :)


  1. I love getting updates on your fun with your sweet girls. Where was your oh-so-cute little nephew???

  2. That sounds like so much fun. I love going to the park with my nieces and's the perfect opportunity to act like a 5 year old without getting too many strange looks!
    They are all so cute...and I can't believe you got Dora cupcakes....AWESOME!!!

  3. Loving those days in the park. If it ever stops raining here we shall be doing that these holidays!

  4. Oh too cute!! Also wanted to let you know I have nominated you... check my blog for the details :)

  5. those girls are gorgeous!!! what a trio of sweetness:)


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