Saturday, July 12, 2008

what i made when i was s'posed to be doin' something else

yepper: a couple of 3BT pages, from the other day, at work. i took a REAL LUNCH and spent half an hour playing with the (admittedly limited) supplies we have on hand and a couple of things i grabbed on my way out the door at home. the first is a free-form collage. (i made the little circular "thought dots" with the holepunch--i felt quite proud about that!)

(piece of a kraft-colored box, buddha from an advertising postcard, the inside of my bank statement envelope & part of an ad that was in it; sharpie pen)

the second is a journal entry as written by james bond, if he were stationed waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the suburbs, in a not-very-glamorous cover job, but still a 100% concientous superspy. (heesun is one of my neighbors at work):

(james bond from a discarded dvd cover; p-touch labelmaker; 7 gypsies & rubber stampede stamps; sharpie & mr. sketch markers)

yes, once again, i have managed to crack myself i do onna regular basis! well...SOMEBODY'S gotta do it, right??! :)


  1. I'm not sure there is anything better than cracking yourself up ... except for cracking up your friends too ... so very fun!

  2. Don't worry honey, you totally crack me up too!! mmmmm daniel craig....
    also really like the buddah one...very clever...ahhh the things you can make from what other people would just throw should have your own tv what to call it?

  3. Lauren you are SO COOL! Love your luchtime creations! very creative and fun! xx

  4. A project involving the divine Mr Craig, is a time-worthy project, righ? ;-) x

  5. Is it bad if I say I prefer Buddha to 007?

  6. LMAO about your "spy' page and how you manage to sneak this guy into your paper arting blog on a regular basis...too funny!!!

  7. You are a hoot! I can always count on you to make me laugh out loud.

    Great job on your pages :)


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