Wednesday, July 16, 2008

who put the ING in...

I n004 Brass Letter G



just a few things i've been enjoying lately:

  • spelling with flickr: you type in a word and this neat little program uses letters from photos posted on flickr to spell it out!

  • sleuthing along with inspector lewis...and now foyle's war...on masterpiece mystery

  • reading holly black's awesome "modern faerie" books: tithe, valiant, and now (it just arrived over the weekend) ironside

  • enjoying packed lunches featuring a martha stewart recipe that *even i* am capable of making: tuna salad 101

  • ordering the super-fun "mini piles of paper" from one good bumblebee

  • seriously SERIOUSLY bumming that panera bakery's new menu does not feature their magnificent fuji apple chicken salad!!! (why??! whyyyyyyyyy???!!) (ps: if this upsets you, too, you can leave them a comment here!)

  • loving that nowadays summer means new episodes of original cable shows like the closer and burn notice and monk!

what's on YOUR "ing list" right now??!


  1. You do the coolest stuff...

    as for Panera, they have lost **almost*** all their appeal for me. They got rid of one of my two favorite menu items ~2 years ago. Now the chicken salad too? WHO makes these decisions????

    so cool you mentioned Burn Notice. I just re-watched 2 episodes this morning. It ranks up there with Monk for me. I crack up watching the expressions on character Michael Westen's face. I actually was going to blog about that today!!!

  2. LOVE Burn Notice!

    Now you're gonna get me hooked on that Spelling w/ Flickr thing! You EVIL Woman! LOL!

  3. watchING project run~way tonight!!! it's back...hip hip hooray!!!

    LOVE the flickr spelling...i just wish they had more options...i saw a really cool "i" with betty boop on the garboodles soup blog and i want one for my name!!! i have that at the bottom of my page, did you ever notice?

  4. I am lovING burn notice too...starts back here next week...yay! am tempted to try the flicker thing but after you've addicted me to lolcats and overheard in new york i'm not sure that i need another are very bad for my time management LOL

  5. Never heard of an "ING list" before, but yours sounds like a lot of fun. ;) And I'm about to go leave Panera a comment -- thanks for the heads up on that one!


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