Thursday, July 10, 2008

a link...but with SERIOUS disclaimers!!!

overheard in new york is a fairly hilarious website which i have been reading semi-regularly for the last few years. (the "semi" part having to do with me needing extra time rather than lacking inclination.) the premise is simple but brilliant: people send in snippets of conversation they have heard in restaurants, on the subway, or in line at the bodega. many of these are of...shall we say...a "personal" nature. some are very personal indeed. intimate, in fact. (if you can call something that was being discussed on the M5 bus in a voice loud enough to be heard three seats back "intimate"?!) which is where the aforementioned disclaimer comes in: if you are offended by R-rated language and/or a frank discussion of "adult content", this will not be a site you enjoy! trust me. (trust me!!!)

i have a fairly high tolerance for both "gross out" factor and "scenes of a sexual nature"...and even least once a day i read something on OINY that makes me go "EEEEEW!"...something else that i almost literally cannot believe a person would discuss with anyone besides their doctor...and a third thing that makes me laugh so hard i am in genuine danger of death. occasionally i find that these overlap. frequently i am grateful for the absence of illustrations!

but the other day, i hit upon the holy grail: something that was both too funny not to share, and clean enough to be posted on a wholseome family-friendly blog such as my own. i hope you will enjoy it.

20-something tall black bellhop: I challenge you, right now, to a salsa dance-off.

70-year-old short Latino bellhop: Go get a radio.

--Peninsula Hotel
Overheard by: Carol


  1. HAHA! Oh, man... now I am going to have to use that one... lol

  2. That is HILARIOUS!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I've read that site quite a bit myself - and yes it is HILARIOUS - gross @ times, but HILARIOUS still.

  4. thanks for sharing Lauren...i have it bookmarked for whenever i need a giggle!!!

  5. That is such a great concept! Brilliant! x

  6. That is hilarious! Having just moved to the big bad city (tho obviously not as big and bad as NY) I am often astonished at the things I hear people talking about on the bus and the train and even in line at the to check this one out!

  7. Hi Lauren!
    How you doing? Missed seeing you! ;-)
    Yes! I sure wish I was around to hear that! Site looks interesting....will explore more.


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