Saturday, July 26, 2008

possibly the weirdest thing i've ever made

...and remember...'s *ME* saying this! :)

like many of my best and most original creations, the idea came to me whilst watching "namaste america" on the treadmill at the gym.
are ya ready?


but first: if you have never heard of shah rukh khan, the king of bollywood, the premier film star of popular indian cinema...*none* of this is gonna make any sense at all! so of course i will provide my usual wikipedia link...and a cool fan site link...and i will just mention that this entire project is a gift for my friend gill, who's the biggest bollywood film fan i know in real life (apart from myself) and who is perhaps mr. khan's biggest fan.

and now without further ado, i present:

yes, as a matter of fact, that does say,
and yes, that's an altoids tin. or it was. (don't worry, i cleaned it thoroughly!)
want to see inside?

yep. pretty much what it says on the the box: a bunch of cards...with shah rukh on them.

technically, we can't call 'em ATC's, because they're not the right size...but it's the same general idea. i cut photos out of magazines, mounted them onto black glossy cardstock, and trimmed each photo to 2 x 3.25" before rounding the corners. then i added dymo labels bearing diabolical con-based puns like in-KHAN-solable and eye KHAN-tact. a little ink around the edges...a few mylar stars...

et voila:

a baker's dozen of SRK mini-masterpieces...
...and a birthday gift befitting a bollywood star!!!


  1. haha those are GREAT! You have your own set of fan cards. lol. They are cute and cohesive feel to them too all the red and black.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

  2. You are such a good friend ... what a precious gift.

  3. You are so unbelieveably creative. Amazing doesn't quite cover it. How about, "You're too much"? My jaw is on the floor in awe of "Kahn" sayings you came up with. I'm gonna have to pick up my jaw manually, I suppose!

  4. Haha! Awesome! You are both funny AND talented, pure genious!

    About that cloudy background...I'm going to make a tutorial soon ;)

  5. LOL!
    You are SOO funny woman!
    LOVE IT!

  6. how fun!!! what a great idea and a wonderful gift for your friend:)

  7. Nice! I'm with June....definitely 'too much'!
    Freaky coincidence #whatever the hell we're up to....LOVE Bollywood films....sing, dancing, gorgeous outfits...aaaahhhh. About two weeks ago my next door neighbour's daughter got married...they're Indian and it actually looked like Bollywood on their front lawn...of course I sat on the patio and watched them all coming and going...but thought it might be a bit rude to take pictures....but it was seriously gorgeous *sigh*

  8. Oh wow - these are fabulous, Lauren. But they obviously beg the question .... when will the Daniel C box set be out?? (And can I put in an order now ....)



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