Friday, July 11, 2008

lameness, thy name is lauren

my lovely blogging friend kristie had a bit of a birthday yesterday. and not only was my card not in the mail in time (ok, in my case, that SELDOM happens...card-based punctuality, i mean) but..and this is SO MUCH WORSE:
i completely failed to so much as mention or commemorate the day in any manner! (WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!) and do you wanna know why??! (this makes it EVEN WORSE than previously, so much so that i almost don't wanna tell you) (ok, i definitely DON'T WANNA tell you...but i will; it's only fair)

i was under the impression that TODAY was july 10th.

yes. i *am* THAT OBLIVIOUS. apparently.

miss kristie, i apologize unreservedly! feel free to dangle me out the window of a fourth floor flat at your convenience, and i shall not protest!!! if it is any consolation, this calendrical mix-up also means i've been eating out-of-date yogurts all week. so i'm probably a goner anyway. but before i kick off, lemme at least wish you a belated birthday properly with a hilarious video clip that has nothing to do with birthdays in any way, i just really like it (plus it has a snappy song at the end!):

better still, on this occasion, i am willing to make the ultimate concession, in the interests of friendship:

michael buble DOES DO the best-ever rendition of "new york, new york"!!!
(sorry frank...had to be done...)

something that makes this whole debacle even MORE non-triumphant is that the other day i received a lovely lovely package from said dear blogging friend down under!!!

now, kristie *claims* be somewhat new to cardmaking, but i'm not so sure about that--have you seen the beautiful creations on her blog??! yeah. that's what i mean. they're verrrrrrrrry cool. and wait until you see the card she made for my birthday!

is that a LAUREN CARD, or what??! it's got birds...and flowers...and it's pink and black! what more could a girl ask for? absolutely nothing! this case...there were goodies too:

as you can see... (sort of--please excuse the lighting in my pics!) ...inside a beautifully wrapped packet there were flowers, and ribbons, and little bird-shaped buttons in absolutely lucious shades of pink!!! as you can imagine, i am now ITCHING to whip up something with these goodies on it!!!

thank you VERY MUCH INDEED miss kristie, and i do hope *you* had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!!


  1. poor kitty:( i wish i still had my kitty avatar w/ party hat to cheer him up...your goodies from Kristie are yummy indeed, what a beautiful card she made and IS so you!!!

  2. Chuffing lovely card there Missus! I do love it when a birthday goes on for a looooooooong time.

  3. all is forgiven through the tears of laughter....god i love john cleese!!!! almost as much as the delicious michael buble...where did you get that picture????? YUMMMO!!!!
    Glad you liked the card and the really looking forward to seeing what you can do with those birdie buttons...

    BTW: STOP eating the bad yogurt now!

  4. I have totally thought it was the 10th all day long.. so you're not alone :)

  5. poor kitty, i knowz howz he feelz...

    I loved the video :)

    Sorry I missed Kristie's birthday...waaaaaah

    I am glad she sent you so many yummy goodies!


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