Friday, August 1, 2008

so then, what's next?

i have not meant, in my recent posts, to imply that i won't be 3BT-ing anymore! in fact it's so much of an ingrained habit now, i'm not sure i could stop if i wanted to--which i don't! :) however, thanks to having a whole year of journaling under my belt, i now feel like i have the confidence to pursue the "ART" part of "art journaling" a bit more! so i've got me a very special little lined notebook for the 3BT... (which the lovely monkee maker gave me a while back; i've been savin' it for something special!) ...and i've made a special home for what i hope will be daily art pages!

'member this guy??!

(5x7 art journal made from: large sheet of chipboard; page from a vintage child's book about the solar system; love elsie patterned papers; sharpie pens, colorbox inks)

yes, it's the very cleverly disguised flying purple people eater, from back in april! i found him recently in a stack of "stuff too cute to throw out" and thought he seemed like the perfect muse for a slightly nervous newbie art journaler. being as he is a uniquely stylish kind of guy, i don't suppose i can go too far wrong under the PPE's expert tutelage, do you??!

(the back of said journal; eventually it will have the name of the project and dates inscribed upon it; but...and here is proof of how silly i can be...i don't like to do that until it's full--for fear of jinxing the project!!!) :)

i suspect there will be some cross-over btw the new and old journals, as my main fear is a lack of daily subject matter. i find it quite comforting to know that when i haven't got a firm idea i can always "fall back" on one or more of a day's three beautiful things as my inspiration; whilst also going a bit further afield into conceptual ideas that don't involve text. or that's the IDEA, anyway; we shall see how it goes!

in the meantime

you have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (friday, august 1) to enter the famous beautiful things blog candy giveaway! just leave a comment ON THE ORIGINAL POST and tell me one of YOUR beautiful things for the day. i'll be picking the winner randomly, and announcing the name tomorrow! good luck to all...i only wish i had prizes for everybody!!!


  1. I have seen art journals here and there and always think "boy i wish I could do that". Or maybe more like "boy I wish i had the ambition to do that".
    What a fun thing this is going to be for you! You're off to a fabulous start!
    Off and running for the weekend...see you Tuesday :)

  2. I really should find the time to be a bit more adventurous. Have been looking back through your blog and what a wealth of ideas. It's making me think outside of my usual parameters, that's for sure.

  3. Argh!!! I don't know if it is blogspot or my computer, but there are a few blogs I have not been able to get into yesterday or today (until now); yours being one of them!

    I love that PPE! So glad to see he continues to inspire you. He is the perfect album cover!

  4. Gosh, I NEVER would have recognised PPE if you hadn't pointed it out! Very clever disguise!!! I think that's a great idea, journaling can actually be quite adictive (says the girl who's been doing it for more that 20 years !!!!) and very, very theraputic! Have fun!!


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