Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sam you made the pants too long

or in this case
*i* made the card too small!

you see...there were these cool chipboard brackets...big ones...i painted 'em pink...and they looked gooooooooood.

but somehow, in between the laying out and measuring and the layering and the cutting...somehow...there turned out to be *not quite* enough room to fit everything on. i'm not sure how it happened...but i'm thinkin' the paper must have shrunk...yeah, that was probably it.

i thought about re-cutting it, but i was kind of short on time, so i decided it was pretty cute even without the brackets.

(patterned paper: sei, scrapbook wizard; chipboard letters: heidi swapp, k&co, target, pressed petals; chipboard crown: maya road; chipboard flowers: disney; stickers: sandylion, mrs. grossman, hello kitty; velvet stickers: making memories; rub-ons: basic grey; other: delta acryllic paint, colorbox ink, zig pen,

anybody need an oversized pair of hot pink painted chipboard brackets??!


  1. Oops! Shame. But the work looks pretty :-)

  2. What a great card. It looks so glossy. Gorgeous!

    Love all the elements...

  4. Well this certainly doesnt need the brackets - I think it looks fab :)

  5. you know, when I woke up this morning all my clothes had shrank too... must be a global trend. but unlike my pants, your card shrank to perfection! it's super cute!

  6. I like it, despite its lack of brackets - sometimes things work out reeeeeeally well despite not being quite how you planned them in the first place, don't they?

    I *love* the postcard you sent - thank you! It definitely made my day... and it made it more piratey, too, which is *always* a good thing :o) I'm working on a reciprocation, but cannot reveal more at this stage...

  7. I think your card is rather `Delicious` Lauren..
    Have a lovely Evening:)~X~

  8. Oh oh oh very noice. Love it. You make me want to get in and create something!!

  9. The card definitely does well without the brackets. Beautiful!

  10. That is one fabulous pink card ... brackets or no brackets.

  11. Seriously, any card with birds, a crown and hello kitty, not to mention all the other bits of glouriousness is probably going to be pretty cool, with or without the brackets! I ♥ it!!
    btw: if you can't think of a use for the brackets send em on over my way....they'd go well on my new *do not disturb* door sign :)


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