Saturday, October 18, 2008 go!

one of the best bits of this whole "online community" thingie is how very interactive it all is! for example, a few years ago i discovered a fabulous blog called three beautiful things...and i was so inspired by it that last summer i started my own 3BT journals*...for which i thanked the inventor of said idea, the lovely clare grant...and then she came along and admired my papery versions...and then... (eventually...b/c as we know, i don't work FAST!) ...i got to make one for *her*!!!

how cool is THAT?!?!!
(hint: it is very very cool indeed!!!)

wanna see it?
(excellent...'cause i'm gonna show you!)

here's the cover. clare's favorite colors are blue and grey. i went with blue and silver...which is quite a lot like grey...but sparklier...because as you know, in the laurniverse...

(products used on cover: patterned paper: my mind's eye, cosmo cricket; clipart birdie: anahata katkin; flowers: prima; brads & sparkly stickers: making memories; gems: mambi; chipboard numeral: heidi swapp; rub-on letters: jenni bowlin; flocked letters: k&co; inks: colorbox; other: chipboard, acyrillic paint, diamond glaze, stickles glitter glue, foam tape, book ring; interior pages are made from scraps of plain & patterned cardstock cut down to 4x6"; some pages incorporate maps, old dictionary pages, game cards, and other bits from my vast collection of vintage weirdness!)

and now, a few pages. most of them are blank, but i would not be *ME* if i didn't decorate a few, right?! here's a dot-to-dot dinosaur:

(yes i know, it's gonna be hard to fit 3 beautiful things on here, but he was just TOO FUN to resist; plus, the back is blank!)

a map of england, just in case clare ever needs to know how the population was distributed in her country before the industrial revolution:

and of course all of the journals i make MUST include a page with cakes on:

and here's a sprawly photo, to sum up:

and there you have it: a book which i hope reflects not only how much fun i had making it, but also the huge amounts of respect and gratitude i feel towards its recipient!

thank you clare, for sharing your wonderful idea, and reminding me that there are *ALWAYS* beautiful things to be found, if only i will take the time to look for them!!!

*i have talked about this year-long adventure A LOT already; to access those posts, g'head & click the "3BT" label thingie right below this message!


    So glad you could give back to her in this way :)

  2. I love things in the Laurniverse ... you can always seem to make seemingly unrelated things work together so well ... this is faublous.

  3. I'm so glad you showed us this....I read where Clare was bragging about it the other is totally laurenish and therefore completely spectacular {might have to invent a new word for that....laurentactular maybe??}
    That pink cake is rather delicious looking....might just have to go make cake :)

  4. Well all I can say is...
    It`s definately:
    `Laurentacular` It`s flamin `gorgeous`
    Hope yur having a lovely weekend:)~X~

  5. Very fun; my favorite part is the cover! Totally fab. I love seeing the varied pages inside's like a little peek into Laurniverse :)

  6. I love your 3 Beautiful Things books - they're so ..... beautiful!

    How can you bear to give them away though? I'd want to keep all of them and just stroke them lovingly occasionally.


  7. I love my little book so much!

    As I said to Lauren in an email, I'm planning to collect my favourite beautiful things and journal them in this special book. I'm new to this sort of creativity, so it'll be a great adventure.


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