Thursday, October 2, 2008

why i wish i were better at titles

because SOMETIMES the title makes all the difference, a point proven admirably by this recent(ish) entry from overheard in new york*:

And Almost As Stupid As Hot Aaron

Girl #1: I hooked up with Aaron on Friday. It was weird.

Girl #2: Hot Aaron or stupid Aaron?

Girl #1: Stupid Aaron.

Girl #2: Oh, my god, he is so hot.

--MAC Cosmetics, Spring Street

*which i will remind you is a decidedly adult, occasionally x-rated, often tasteless, nearly always devastatingly hilarious website i read at least a few times a week.


  1. lol...
    Hey Lauren Do you think the mixed up
    sunglasses !!!Hair windswept...(all over the place and a mess
    babe...sums me up to a `T` then???
    A bit `Mish` `Mash`...
    Couldnt think of a new title to name my blog???
    Any suggestions Welcome?
    Have a lovely Day Swet thing~X~

  2. oops!!! I meant...
    `sweet thing` sorry about the spelling:)

  3. Well obviously Hot Aaron is hot with brains but the Aaron that is stupid is hotter because he has no brains or is a complete rebel... or maybe he is just a dill... I mean it has to be that obvious - doesnt it??? Hang on.....

  4. Dear Lauren, even your posts you consider to be mundane are entertaining to me! Titles are very hard for me. I am pleased when I come up with a clever one...even a blind squirrell finds an acorn once in a while...

  5. I've been meaning to talk to you about that site....I am so totally addicted to it!!! I get brain freeze from thinking too hard about the PhD stuff and just go there and read a few of those and kill myself laughing for 20 mins or so and I'm good to go....
    Of course it has turned me into an eavesdropper of conversations other people are having on the bus, or train, or in the bad :)

  6. Ahhh hahaha! *love* that site!


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