Friday, October 3, 2008

apparently, some of my art journal pages are going to be digital!

like this one, for example:

which you can't really read b/c of the overlapping text...but i LOVE the overlapping i'm keeping it! (for the record, it says, "chipmunks fear me, humans love me, amma tolerates me......i am thor")

of course even now that you know what it says, it still doesn't make sense unless you know that thor is the new cat of our friends in the adirondacks; and that to celebrate his official adoption, he spent most of last week presenting his hosts with a series of live but understandably wigged out chipmunks by day, and curling puppy-like on their laps by night; and that amma is the household's senior cat, who is frankly not completely convinced an auxilliary cat was necessary...particularly one who happens to be a human-appeasing, chipmunk-catching, lap-sitting brown-noser!

so then WHY am i showing this page?! well, for one thing, it's been a slow art-week folks, what with trying to catch up after vacation; for another, i spent an absolutely absurd amount of time* fiddling about in photoshop** despite using this excellent set of directions from art tea life*** and it just seemed a shame not to have something to show for all that. plus, i really do like this photo and how the page turned out. so there.

dead scientific, this blogging lark, innit?!

*hey june: remember when you were wondering if anyone else ever spends a whole bunch of time they don't have on unnecessary, tangential projects when they really really need to be accomplishing their actual work?! well the answer to that is, "nope. it's just you." hahahaha! (not)

**because, esentially, i don't fully understand the concept of "layers" and "opacity levels" and assaying photoshop without understanding layers and opacity levels is like optimistically deciding to become a professional musician without knowing anything about "notes" or "rhythm". of course, i bought a perfectly good photoshop book to learn exactly that sort of a year's on the shelf above my desk within reach even as we speak...but am i reaching for it? of course not. instead, i am sitting here bemoaning the fact that i don't really understand layers and opacity levels. so much more constructive! :)

***an absolutely stellar blog if you enjoy making or looking at traditional paper and/or digital collage!


  1. Pah! Reading the instructions is akin to giving in. Ask any man!!!

    Btw? What is CyntbBbl (or similar) for the weekend? My codebreaker attachment appears to be latent in my Messuah package. Messiah

  2. Thats cool! I wanted to do some of mine in digi too, but then I would want to print them out and keep them all together. So conflicting!

  3. You have me laughing out loud :) Thanks for the mention! I'm not feeling particularly creative lately. Slow art week here too.

  4. Yay for you for even attempting digital pages in photoshop!!! I, on the other hand, quake in terror at the mere word....I am sticking to cropping and brightening my pictures in Picasa and woe to anyone who suggests that I need to be more technologically savy! I think I am doing rather well to have a blog at all :)
    I also think it may have been a bit of a slow art week all over...perhaps the stars were not in the correct alignment for art production??? pmsl

  5. How very rude of me....the page is actually waaayyyy cool, btw. I think that Thor looks rather like a lion in this pic....if I were a chipmunk I would be fearful too :)

  6. Haha, awesome. Tres cute. (and, yes, I did just get bilingual on you ;) )

    I love that you're getting into the digital stuff. Personally, I do much better with computers... but I still couldn't scrap if my life depended on it. I'll leave that stuff for mom.

    Good luck with photoshop!

  7. You always make my day! You are as brave as Thor to be doing "the digital thing". I shake in fear of anything digital. Perhaps there should be a Thor award....hmmm love, fear and tolerance??? Wait I feel a new lecture (I mean chat/life lesson/teaching moment) coming on.....

  8. Holy crap girl I just saw your new cards on Caardvarks score challenge! They are gorgeous!!! Really stand out beautiful. Way to go.

    The whole challenge makes me a little nervous! lol



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