Saturday, October 25, 2008

operation 38: FALL

two paper adventure pages in ONE WEEK?!?!!!!?

uh huh.
(i'm onna roll!)

the prompt for this one was "FALL". i had some very sensible & lovely foliage pics from when we were up in the adirondacks recently, and i intended to use one of those. but then i happened upon this one, from our anniversary weekend at the shore, and it made me laugh as much as it did when we were actually there, and kidding about the fact that this year fall was going to be so mighty that even the PLASTIC PALM TREES would turn a lovely orange.

so i used it instead! :)

(patterned paper: scrapbook wizard; chipboard letters: heidi swapp; photopaper: kodak; dymo labeller; american crafts pens, colorbox inks)

once again i have used very few embellishments... (but i PROMISE they have not been stolen, miss kristie!)'s not that i didn't WANT to's not that i didn't TRY to's just that when your color scheme is neon orange & sky blue...and your size is 5x7"...there is really only so much YOU CAN DO!!! so i settled for outlining everything in sight! (& i quite like how it turned out!)


  1. That looks fun :)
    Just imagining a yard full of orange plastic palm trees surrounded by pink flamingos!!!

    Can you say sunglasses?????

  2. I quite like how it turned out too! I often forget about outlining. I love the technique so much on your creations. An orange palm...verrrrrry interesting :)

  3. I so want a plastic flamingo. Orange palm trees would be optional in my garden.

  4. Well hello Lauren!
    I just knew that I would have loads of fantabulous creations to catch up with when I got here! But WOW! You have really outdone yourself! I am totally loving all your gorgeous creations! and you received some beautiful surprises from your friends too! What a lucky lady you are!
    Well I'm off now to finish having a proper look at all of your gorgeous creations that I missed while I was away!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Nicola xx

  5. glad to hear that they haven't been nicked! I am just sitting here wondering at the mentality of a person who would even imagine an ORANGE palm tree, let alone execute the know sometimes I think Americans are just a bit odd.
    Lots of hugs from the girl who comes from the country where giant man-made pieces of fruit are major tourist attractions :)


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