Saturday, October 11, 2008


ok, ok, i know what you're thinking. you're thinking,

"who are you and what have you done with lauren??!"

frankly i'm surprised too. it's not like i didn't *WANT* to embellish this baby: i tried loads of eyelets, several types of brad, a little bit of ribbon, and even some bling. but this was just one of those cards that resisted all of my blandishments. so finally i gave up, and let it go nekkid:

(illustration from a vintage childen's book; sassafrass patterned paper; heidi swapp photo corners; bazzill inks; tangerine font printed on avery clear labels)

on the plus side...for once i have a card that fits into a standard sized envelope; it just goes to show you there's a first time for *EVERYTHING* right?! :)


  1. Has it hurt to let that card o nekkid into the world?

  2. Haha, I love the card... I can't imagine it with anything else. Naked was definitely the way to go.

  3.'s not completely nekkid...there's photo corners...and DP...but you're right, it's perfect just the way it is! Cracked me up anyway, but then (like I've said before) I am easily amused :)

  4. *gasp* i have such a weakness for vintage children's books! i love, LUH-ve this card! where do you get your books?

    oh and also, brilliant text! hehe!

  5. It still exudes your fabulous charm and humor, even nekkid :)


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