Monday, October 27, 2008

round robin

i don't know when i purchased this set of memories complete concentric circle stickers, but it was a while ago, and as of this weekend i had never used any of them.

(if you've never seen them, the largest is about 9" across and each ring is a separate sticker; cool, no?)

every so often i would pull them out thinking they might be good for this or that...and then decide they were not quite right...and regretfully put them away again. usually they were just a little too big for whatever i was doing, but too cool to cut up & thus waste their cool circularity.

mostly, i guess, the problem was that i just don't make round cards...or rather...i didn't make round cards
until NOW!!!

(round sticker: memories complete; bird & branch chipboards: maya road; flowers: prima; leaves: paper source; tiny gems given to me by the lovely & generous terrie bailey (thanks, terrie!); letter stickers: making memories; inks: colorbox; pen: zigwriter; foam tape: 3m; all else--geographical map of the moon, ginourmous dogwood flower, ledger & sheet music--from my vast collection of vintage weirdness)

now of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion about any creation; in fact it's even been suggested that all judgement of art is necessarily entirely subjective. so of course you are 100% entitled to think whatever you like about the weird little ditty above...BUT...if you don't like it, be a sport and lie to me, ok? because i am really really enamoured of this particular card! and now, having said all of that, i guess i just have one question left to ask:

does anyone know where i can get a


  1. I truthfully think that this card is absolutely spectacular...the round envelope question made me laugh out loud though...I had never considered how one would send such a card! but I would imagine that round envelopes are few and far between and that youll probably just have to make do with a square one....or make your own, which I would like to see actually...then you could do a tutorial on it and become famous as the lady who makes round envelopes....just a thought :)

  2. My first reaction - WOAH!!!
    That is gorgeous Lauren :)

  3. You have every right to be enamoured with this pretty creation!

    I've never seen a round envelope; not sure how a card could possible have one...

  4. I love it! See how sporting I am???? ;-)

    As always I think you a v. clever and talented. Good luck with the envelope hunt.

  5. Hi Miss Lauren..This is `beautiful` how you use your little gems!!!I have mine all
    Have a lovely Day:)~X~

  6. oh it's so beautiful! I love your use of the big and little flowers!

  7. Wow...what an amazing card! It's GORGEOUS, miss Lauren!! Love the font - are those stickers??

    And this is quite a coincidence...but just as I was looking through your new work here at your blog, and beginning to write this comment for you - I got a notice from blogger that you've just commented on my blog! It's like..ehm...telepahy!!! hehe!

  8. love the bird! As for an envelope, I've bought scalloped notes from SU and archivers that had big square envelopes you could buy separately. just an idea.

  9. another one here sayin i love ze card - round is fun! and i never would doubt you'd find a use for anything.. you are the queen of taking things and makin stuff out of them - and always with wonderful results (those round stickers didnt have a chance!)
    as far as round envelopes... :-) silly. thats what those square envelopes are for... round peg in square hole.... it works :-) wouldnt a clear square envelope be cool so everyone could see the round card?


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