Thursday, October 23, 2008

operation 37: CHOOSE

once again i have fallen woefully behind on my paper adventure pages. isn't it sad that when it comes to a time crunch we tend to prioritize things intended for others, and put off those which are "just" (& what a giveaway that word is!) for us? i'm not worried though, because i know they'll get done, eventually. why, wouldja look at that--here's one now:

(software: broderbund printshop; fonts: guilty & adler; images from lion brand yarn)

the prompt for this one is CHOOSE. since we are utterly obsessed with the forthcoming election...and since my friend gill had just sent me a link to these hilarious & wonderful crocheted presidental candidate finger puppets...i thought it would be cool to document something that has absorbed us throughout most of this year.


  1. It must be the screen on this paleothlithic computer but McCain looks like his head has been exploded!!!!

  2. well, you actually managed to make something cute out of what is looking like a train wreck in reality...just mho...LOL:)

  3. I love Winston Churchill! So wise and so funny. Your page sums it all up succinctly :)


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