Friday, October 24, 2008

some days the mailman REALLY likes me

and she* brings me stuff like this awesome card from my lovely blogging friend yin (who is also an attorney!)

we swapped! she wanted the little "are we there yet" card i made for the CAARDVARKS scoring challenge**; i craved this one from the office supplies challenge--isn't it cool?! but wait, there's more:

yin made me a special pack of goodies, as well! i especially love those mini file folders...not to mention the clipart!!!

not to be outdone, my lovely antipodean cardmaking friend kristie (who is also an ancient historian***) sent me some entirely fabulous postcards for my collection...and speaking of FABULOUSNESS, wouldja look at the card that came with them?!

i suppose today it will be back to bills and catalogs, which is probably just as well...i think i'm going to be needing a slightly bigger bulletin board!!! :)

*our mailman is a woman. i know, i know, we're supposed to call them postal carriers now, but mostly, i just call her melanie.

**the current CAARDVARKS challenge is monograms and runs until 11-3-08!

***actually she's a young (well...youngISH; well...younger than ME anyway!) historian, whose field of study is ancient times.


  1. I love the lawyer card!

  2. October has been a good month for both of us, mail-wise, huh?

    I can't wait to see what you create with your new stash!


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