Thursday, October 30, 2008

and *now* i know why people get addicted to ATC's!!!

i mean, i had already cottoned on to the fact that they're fun to MAKE...i had only made a *couple* (plus a few inchies) until now...but really, how could a small space in which to practice free-form collage NOT be fun??!

it turns out that the reeeeeeaalllllllllllllly good part is THE SWAP!!!

(my apologies to everyone who's already immersed in this world...i realize that what i'm saying right now is the equivalent of, "i went to a chocolate shop...and all the chocolates were SO PRETTY...and they SMELLED terrific...and then i discovered that YOU CAN EAT THEM, too!!!!!!!!!!" sorry. but yeah. i am this excited!)

what happened was this: over the summer, i admired some very cool ATC's made by my lovely blogging friend amy, and she asked if i would like to participate in a swap she was arranging. then she sent me off to make ten 2.5" x 3.5" card, which i did, and they looked a bit like this:

(materials: ranger glossy black cardstock; heidi swapp ghost butterflies; prima flowers; making memories brads; mambi rhinestones; creative imaginations rub-ons; bengali newspaper; pics from a bollywood film magazine; colorbox inks)

i call them "bollywood butterflies". they do not look very much like the picture that was in my head...which bothered me quite a lot when they were first completed...but they've grown on me a bit since then. in retrospect, i gather one is meant to make all of one's swap cards the same. this would certainly be quicker & even a bit had enough multiples of everything used in the first card. which i didn't. so i went with a general theme, style, and type of look. (if this is a serious faux pas, amy was kind enough not to mention it!)

so i packed them up and sent 'em off and then... (probably only *I* do stuff like this) ...i sort of forgot about them! i mean, i am used to working to a deadline...and the deadlines they keep a-coming...and i sort of just got immersed in the next thing, if you know what i mean?

until last week, when my package arrived, and inside were alllllllllllllllll of these

(credits L to R, from top: Dani Johnston, Colleen Vasconcellos, Vee Jennings, Nathalie Kalbach, Amy Kyle-Percy, Wendy Erman, Annie Copenhaver, Stacey Fike, me, Kathleen Haberstroh)

many thanks to amy for arranging said event (& inviting me!) and to all who participated; i hope you had as much fun as i did!!!


  1. LOVE yours!!! What cool mail too :)
    I'm hosting an ATC swap right now and the packages are coming in slowly and OH my goodness THIS IS SO FUN!!! I love seeing everyone's little pieces of art. Best thing about hosting....I get to pick first (HA HA HA!!!!!)

  2. All very nice, indeed. I have probably only done a couple of ATCs myself. The bug has not bitten me, but I always enjoy seeing the ATC swaps my friends participate in :) They are quite fab!

    Did you get me e-mail regarding Daniel Craig? I e-mailed you last saturday...

  3. Those atcs are great. I love atcs too.

  4. love the ATCs! The name is too cute... Your style is soo great! I think I may have to play around with some! As always, thank you for your encouragement-

  5. They look gorgeous! I can't wait to get mine. It was fun playing with you girls :-)

  6. These are all so cute, including yours :)
    And they are so much fun to make...I love them because they don't take as much time as a card, but you can then turn them into a layer on a card if you want. Perhaps we should arrange an ATC swap across the Pacific....just a thought :)

  7. Your butterfly ATCs are muy MAGNIFICO!!! LOVE them! And your round card? I think my heart stopped! I'm thinking that either needs to be a card tucked into a gift so that no envelope is necessary, or just use a square envie?? Or you could just hang it on your wall like a WORK OF ART!! It's beautiful! ;)

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE your blog header? Totally do.

  8. Your cards were ABSOLUTELY AWESOME my friend! Thank You SOO MUCH for participating AND for your patience with me. I hope we can do it again.

    GB Hugs!

  9. Wow.. beautiful, BEAUTIFUL new header, I love it! Gorgeous ATC's too!! :)

  10. Oh those are SO FUN! I love your Bollywood inspired works; I feel like that's not common!

  11. Love these! Love that you call them Bollywood atcs! So love all things Bollywood!


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