Friday, October 10, 2008

will the REAL 'fishull tuna 'spector please stand up!

not too long ago, the lovely, generous & ingenious soul known as stephanie severin sent me a little care package. in it i found:

an awesome frank sinatra rubber unbelievably cool smilyn' stef original art card...a set of funky jolee's compound stickers...and a challenge: find a way to use the latter in a greeting card!

i don't know why, but me being me, pretty much the minute i saw that little suit of clothes and read stef's note i thought, "well of course i would dress a *CAT* up in those, a la 'pinky & the brain' and i have him try to be something a cheezburger inspector mebbe"

so that's what i did:

(jolee's wool suit, vintage ledger paper, images cut from magazines & books, rub-on letters: making memories, doodlebug, autumn leaves, ki)

all in all, i am pretty happy with the result, which of course i sent right back to miss stephanie!!! but i was slightly surprised by lovely husband jeff's reaction, which was at first super-positive and then suddenly got a bit squirmy...which puzzled i asked, "what's wrong? do you think it's TOO silly? or it looks too cobbled together? or WHAT?" to which he replied, "oh no, it's hilarious and it looks's just........" by which time i am innerly freaking out thinking i have suffered a small stroke, written everything backwards & upside down, and somehow not realized it! "it's just *WHAT*?!?!" i which my husband gently and earnestly replied, "well, that's not a tuna...that's a CATFISH!!!"

so if you were wondering about that too, let me make this perfectly clear: NO, as a matter of fact i *can't* tell the difference between a tuna and a catfish; and for artistic purposes i am still unconvinced that matters. of course, if i had ARTISTIC PORPOISES, i wouldn't need the tuna 'spector!!!!!!!!


sorry. i'll get m'coat.


  1. Girly, you totally crack me up! Seriously, it's even funnier now that I know it's a CATfish...and no, I can't tell the difference either :)
    BTW: got your fabbo p/c today...of course I love wallace & you mean there are people who don't?
    You should expect some cards as soon as I can get myself organised Australian museum stuff asap then touristy stuff later :)

  2. I'm with Kristie. Being a catfish makes it funnier.

  3. That's too funny! Tempts me to send you some extra stuff to see what you come up with! if *someone* would tell me where to send it! hehehe!!!

  4. Hi Lauren

    Only me !!!!well I am in floods of laughter after reading that!!!I will remind you I am sat all on me own cos Hubbie just gone to do a spot of fishing!!!lol..
    Hope he dont bring me a Tuna home then !!!rofl....
    Oh they all look the same to me just some are bigger than others with more bones in too!!!lol...
    What a fab!!! creation ..I loves your fish:)X~X~

  5. and ya see i didnt even notice his whiskers.. i mean they're there but it didnt distract me none :-)
    i guess cos i was still laughing over the fact you noted Pinky &the Brain (... their twilight easy to explain... )

    havent had time lately to check in and decided i must do it this morning... and it was soooo worth it - you always make me laugh :-)

  6. I miss Pinky & the Brain (and the Animaniacs). DH & I used to watch every weekend. Brain rules! I also have Wacko slippers.

    And ya know what? I didn't even notice the fish was a catfish and not a tuna. Your card is so funny and creative, I never would have noticed!


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