Monday, October 20, 2008

take a letter, mr. jones*

any letter, of your choice! that's right...the new CAARDVARKS challenge features monograms, initials, or any prominent use of a letter or letters. you have until midnight, november third, to complete this mission. need some inspiration? check out the magnificent design team cards in the gallery!

in the meantime, here are my cards. but first, a shocking true confession: the top card is based on a lovely card sketch i saw about two weeks ago on someone's blog, which i very very STUPIDLY forgot to bookmark! (it featured basic grey's urban prairie papers and a sweet little monkey, and it was absolutely adorable!) so if it looks familiar to anyone, pleeeeeeease accept my thanks...not to mention my apology for lack of credit...and let me know who you are so i can correct that!

(patterned paper: ki, basic grey, gcd; cardstock: bazzill; chipboard monogram letter (used as template): basic grey; cardstock stickers: karen foster; eyelets: making memories; other: foam tape, colorbox inks)

my second card came out of NOWHERE: i had the idea of "g thanks" i was dying to use a few new purchases... (the sweet little bird stamp & some maya road chipboard trees) ...and i had seen a tree made from little circles on the SIStv website... (again, stupidly, i didn't bookmark it & of course now i can't find it!) any case i sat down with those ideas in my head--but no idea how i'd combine them--and about 20 minutes later i had the whole card done. dontcha just LOVE IT when that happens??!

(patterned paper: basic grey, love elsie, making memories, k&co, paper co, creative imaginations, crafty secrets, vintage ledger paper, part of an old greeting card; diecut letter: basic grey; chipboard tree trunk: maya road; bird stamp: imaginisce; other: colorbox inks, zig & sharpie pens,psx embossing ink & powder, dymo labeller, foam tape, ek success circle punches)


*this was the name of a truly horrifying (& i mean that in the nicest way possible!) early 1980's british comedy program starring john inman and rula lenska. i think there were *maybe* six episodes. the concept was...and you'd better sit down b/c this is truly REVOLUTIONARY... *she* was the high-powered executive and HE was her devoted & efficient secretary!!! hahahaHAHAhaHAha!!! can you IMAGINE?!?!?!!! :) here is a clip from you tube, which gives you the general idea:


  1. I love, love, love that blue/green birdie 'g thanks' card! Fabulous. (Not that all your cards aren't fabulous - take it as read - it's just that one is PARTICULARLY fabulous). x

  2. I love both of these cards. Both are gorgeous. Great design, great color choices. Love, love, love them!

  3. Flabbergasted!! Totally flabbergasted! Not by your spectacular cards .... although those in their own right are indeed flabbergasting .... but no. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU KNOW ABOUT SUCH A PROGRAMME??? I live here (and did in the 80's - that big hair proves it) and I knew nothing about it! Unless I've just tried to drown out the memory of it ....


    ps. Did anyone ever tell you you leave the best comments? I have a cruddy day, I get soaked through to my bra cycling home, I switch on my laptop - narrowly avoiding an electric shock (did I mention I got wet?), and you just make all the nastiness go away. Thanks so much.

    pps. Many congrats being an official Fab Fiver!

  4. Okay, don't know WHY I didn't think of this will be SO much easier to see your amazingly lovely art and stalk you properly if I subscribe to your blog, right? ;)

  5. *adore* both those cards, but i have a personal weakness for that cute birdie! methinks me needs to buy that stamp immediately!

  6. I looked at the 1st card and wasn't sure if you'd really made it yourself :) Where's the embellishments???? I really like it though, and it will be VERY appropriate for a guy card. The layout looks very familiar ...perhaps a sketch challenge from somewhere? I shall look through my saved ones and see if I can find the source...
    The second STUNNING. The little green hill, the cloud paper, the cool tree and the gorgeous birdie are all spectacular and even though it is rather unembellished I would have known you'd made it.

    OMG...did someone break in and steal all your embellishments?????

  7. Nice cards. I like the monogram challenge. I'll try to hop over there and see what's going on. Thanks much.

  8. you make the bestest cards! i love these :-)
    and i'm recovering nicely thank you from watching this video...
    rula lenska...... i'm LMAO!

  9. Lauren, thanks so much for your comment on my Greetings from the Queen card! I loved your enthusiasm! Also, have to tell you, when I saw that 'g thanks' card on Caardvarks I just loved it! Your blog is now on my list of favorite blogs, so I'll be seeing ya in blogland! Becky G


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