Wednesday, October 22, 2008

oh dear

recently, it came to my attention that either i *TOTALLY SPACED* on several birthdays at the beginning of october...OR...and i think you'll agree this is much more likely...some of my friends have been moving their birthdays around from year to year just to mess with me!!! but since they are otherwise such lovely people, i forgive them!!! :)

fortunately, i've discovered that my favorite set of paper piecings make for a PERFECT "belated birthday" theme! see:

(patterned paper & cardstock: basic grey, urban lily, making memories, my mind's eye & pages from a japanese workbook; letter stickers: doodlebug; flowers & leaves: prima; stick on gems & pears: kaiser; inks: colorbox; foam tape: 3m; in retrospect, i wish that i had placed the flowers at the lower left slightly further away from the edge, as i feel like they are drawing the eye away from the deer & off the card...but other than that, i am quite happy with this!)

the slightly washed-out-looking photo (sorry--the light in my house is dodgy at best & i was in a hurry) shows the card i made for the lovely miss june, and then thoughtfully mailed a week after her birthday in order to prolong the celebration--thoughtful of me, no??! (sorry june!!!!!)


  1. No apology needed! You are a dear (deer?) friend. I treasure my Lauren card and my new goodies!


  2. ack! why do you have such good taste?! and where can i get somma'tat?

    forget what I said about birdies... i like deer(ies)... this is an adorable card! great job!

  3. I, too, saw your card on June's blog and thought that it was perfect for a belated card :)
    Now that I have a collection of birdie stamps I may need to get a deer....I can think of so many puns {insert rather evil laugh}

  4. Moving birthdays around??? Clever idea (or is that I deer )

    Lovely card Lauren and I am sure everyone concerned will forgive you!!

  5. i ab-so-lute-lee LOVE your card for our miss june (sorta like our miss brooks as she was a teacher but different... i know you kwim LOL...) its so perfectly wonderful and you :-)

  6. Oh, goody, I am not alone! And I would agree with you that people keep moving their birthdays, except that I have my list written down, so what's my excuse? I have not sent out even ONE October birthday card to my customers. I've decided to no longer make b'day cards, and instead I'll make belated b'day cards so I'll be all set. Now my goal is to get them out before the end of the month!

  7. what a lovely card, love the colours

  8. This card is is your blog BTW, you are heading straight to me google reader!!!

  9. I love this, just perfect for a belated birthday.

  10. WOW!
    There's something about this card I really like, can't place what... the texures and the deer ... it's so sweet but not in a sickly way... love it

  11. I really love your humour, Lauren!!*LOL* To be honest, your blog is one of the few i actually do READ...otherwise I mostly just scroll and look at the pictures...

    Your combination of gorgeous art work and funny little comments in between is simply genious!
    Yup, it keeps me coming back for more! ;)



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