Sunday, October 19, 2008

WARNING: here be shameless braggin'!!!

guess what?!?! ok, you'll never guess, so i'll just tell you: i made the FAB FIVE over at 2 sketches 4 you!!! and it was for a GUY CARD! you know, this one, from last week?!

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you kazan and laura! not to mention congratulations to the other FAB FOUR (pam, wiebine, jill & carina) and the prize winner, jackie!!! (just to be named in such a group is totally awesome!!!)


  1. `Toot` `Toot`
    and you should be `Tooting` from the roof tops Lauren so deserving I say!!!
    You are one `flamin` `fantasticlly` `wonderfully` `artisically` `Gorgeous` person...all Laurentasticlly ...
    So pleased for you :)~X~

  2. I knew you would as soon as I saw that card!
    And you're not bragging, you're SHARING.
    WAY TO GO LAUREN (not that I'm surprised, o woman of supreme arty talent)

  3. Braggin' is GOOD! I would be too if I made their fab 5...of course you need to enter for that :)
    That card was laurentacular so it was bound to make it...YAY 4 U!!!!!

  4. This was not a surprise. I knew you would win the moment I saw this card on your post. It is full of Laureny-goodness!

  5. You have every right to be proud of yourself so BRAG AWAY!!!

    You should sing it from the rooftops - lalalala -

    Congrats xx

  6. Yay Team Pirate! You brag girl!!

  7. I just saw that!!! CONGRATS Lauren! You rock it!

  8. Congratulations!!!! Your card is gorgeous!!


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