Wednesday, October 24, 2007

what i did (...& did...& did...) over the weekend

i made adorable nephew matthew's birth announcements. lots of 'em. sixty, in fact. (can someone pleeeeeeease tell my sister and her husband they have too many friends?!! thank you.)

luckily, having done the mass-production thang a time or two (for the nieces' births; their mamas' baby- & wedding-showers; and various other occasions) i've learned a few tricks:

  1. source the envelopes first ( only have to do the opposite ONCE...oy vey...)
  2. make as many cuts as possible straight ones (...which can be done on the paper trimmer...) and of course the most vital thing of all:
  3. marry the nicest man who ever lived... one who *doesn't* find it odd or upsetting that his living room periodically becomes an assembly line...on which he is assistant assembler #1 and vice president in charge of hole-punching & corner-rounding!

(he's not called lovely husband jeff for nuthin', folks!!!!) :)


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL, Lauren!! As someone who made a-hundred-odd menus for last year's home & school fundraiser, I know how hard you worked on these, and how much love went into them! (My husband is still wondering why I *had to* add hemp & beads & wlt & shells to them, lol) Your sweet little nephew is VERY lucky to have you as his auntie!! :)

  2. Well not surprising you are a good sister - that IS a lot of work but the best way to do it - production line.
    i laughed about the envelopes - i used to work in a store and its amazing how many people dont consider the envelopes first! had this mom n' daughter come in - they needed envys for wedding invitations. i started asking questions so i could help them - then i found out all the invites were already made (with all the attachments etc) and they made them an odd size and square to boot- i had to gently tell them it wasn't happenin - anywhere LOL
    and lucky to have the LHJ (lovely husband jeff) - mine (substitute Joe) has been known to stamp an envelope :-)!!!! (and he liked it!)

  3. Wow, your sister really does have a lot of friends! And an incredibly talented and kind sister :) Top job!

  4. Wow! These are just beautiful! Great job!

  5. Lauren, those birth announcements are just darling! great job!!! and what a very sweet hubby you have!!!

  6. Wow, gorgeous cards. I love the pic and the soft tones.

  7. These are gorgeous!! Big cheer for the wonderful hubby!! Ihave one like that myself.


  8. Lovely card! I do understand 60 may be a great number...especially when you are making the cards yourself! Be glad you are not in my country where you have to invite so many others apart from immediate family & friends...even not known because it's the done thing and people would mind....mother's Aunt's daughter's in-laws, for example! We all have it done in the specialized card shops which we have plenty!

  9. These are wonderful birth announcements. You are a wonderful sister, and I bestow a comment crown to LHJ as King of Bloglandia for his assistance to the Queen. Yes, I have made the envelope second error once. I learned from my mistake.


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