Monday, October 22, 2007

it's good to be...

(oh yeah!)

you may remember that i recently won a glorious birthday crown from the lovely, gracious and uber-talented amanda, faerie queen of the carnivale in a contest on her fab blog, carnivale of fortune!

well, a box arrived last week, just as we were getting set to go to atlantic city, so i apologize that i am only posting about it now...but the crown is so very, very beautiful that i wanted to be sure to do it justice with lovely pics and a whole post all to itself!

imagine my delight in discovering that said crown--which i positively lusted for from the minute i saw it--is approximately 27,000 times COOLER in person than it even was in the photos!

imagine my surprise in discovering that the box contained not just the even-better-than-you-could-imagine crown, AND the little hidden wand accessory no queen should be without, but ALSO a little crown pin, AND a queen bee magnet, annnnnnnnnnnnd one of amanda's super-special, double-sided, totally glittery, uniquely wonderful, vintage faerie photo charms!!!!!!!
of course my pics don't come close to doing ANY of it justice, but truly these creations are breathtaking--and i cannot believe they are all mine! plus everything came beautifully packaged...with ribbons...and a pretty little fabric pouch; even amanda's business card (for her vintage faerie website) is fun & fabulous! but then i suspect that most everything to which the faerie carnivale queen turns her hand is gonna be as splendid & elegant as she! (well, it stands to reason, doesn't it?!)

apparently, i really *AM* royalty now...and i've certainly got the loot to prove it!

thank you, thank you, thank you, oh gracious queen!


  1. wow.
    that's all i can say
    nope, i take it back
    stinkin cool

  2. that is so gorgeous.....i mean really....AMAZING!!! you lucky lucky lady!!!

  3. Oh, good gracious! What a GORGEOUS prize!!! Lucky you! ;) (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  4. Hello my Queen...
    I LOVE the photo of you wearing the crown!!! I am so happy it went to someone who is thrilled with it... you definitely deserve it!!! And my gosh did you write up one heck of a post- way WAY too kind of you!!! Just another reason why you are a true Queen!

    PS, will we be seeing you at the Halloween Party??? Hope so!

  5. Wow! You lucky girlie you! That is absolutely stunning!

  6. You have a crown and a fairy wand you are one very lucky girl.

  7. WOO HOO!!! what FABULOUS goodies!!! you lucky lucky girl!!!

  8. First, belated Congratulations on being crowned the Queen! The, wand, pins, etc...they are gorgeous! I am jealous!

  9. Oooh, congratulations, Your Highness! I stopped by from Monkee Maker's blog. All I can say is - I LOVE THOSE MONKEE CARDS! The captions made me giggle. What a great thank you gift. (Not to mention the Tasty Cakes.)


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