Wednesday, October 17, 2007

down the shore*

lovely husband jeff has been craving a few days beside the ocean before it the weather turns truly cold, so we are off to atlantic city! since whether or not we'll have t'internet--or time to use it--is always a bit of a question before one reaches a new destination, i shall say, "ciao, darlings," either until tomorrow...or possibly...the weekend!

*(in the pennsylvania/new jersey area, the primary beachgoing venues are towns in central to south nj and referred to collectively as "the jersey shore". persons travelling to said communities are said to be going "down the shore" even if the journey to the specific beachtown of their choice actually consists of travelling north.) (just a bit of linguistic eclectica for you there, absolutely free! ...all part of the need to thank me!)


  1. Thanks anyway! Hope you have a super smashing marvellous time :)

    you see i knew i loved you - you say down the shore :-)
    a true New Jersey-ism (and really NY too.... cos all my family say it and we're from both places :-)) if there ever was one.
    Down the shore....
    have a spectacular time... i have a bazillion fond memories of AC - the old one...
    (oh check out the dino pics :-) i finally posted them)

  3. Love that pic...very Monet-ish.
    I'm a Marylander (living in VA), and we say, "Goin' down the ocean, hon?"
    Have a great time!

  4. We're going away for the weekend as well, although I'm not sure how a valley in Wisconsin compares to the shore ... you just gotta make the best of where you're at. Enjoy!

  5. Enjoy yourself! Hope to see some pictures!


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