Tuesday, October 9, 2007

i have no interesting news...

...i don't even have any uninteresting news...nor any cool completed projects i can show, either...so i've decided to take a page from the so superfantastic book of my blogging idol the manolo and share some things i've been enjoying lately:

reading: ghostwalk by rebecca stott which weaves together a modern day story and a seventeenth century mystery, both set in cambridge university; it's got sir isaac newton...alchemy...romance (off and on)...murders (maybe)...ghosts (possibly)...animal rights activists (definitely); lemme just put it this way: i am two-thirds through and i still have NO IDEA what is going to happen at the end...looooooooove that!

watching: ncis, bones and torchwood on tv...dexter, the l-word and a sumptuous new version of as you like it on dvd

eating: fish tacos with lime-cilantro crema from cooking light magazine (this was last night; even i, queen of the bagel-n-smoked-fish combo, would not enjoy these for breakfast!)

listening to: morroccan dance music, bryan ferry's best album ever (imo), and a great summertime mix cd my friend cheryl made

looking forward to: doctor who series three on dvd, november 6th (woohoo!)

stocking up on: black glossy cardstock, little silver heart charms, pale blue gingham ribbon, and A7 envelopes...for a little project...

envying: my friend beshka, who is going to silver bella next month (lucky, lucky, DUCK!)

loving: the mix of elegant/grungy layered fonts and graphics on this page (...not the content so much as the design...)

editing: the photos from lindsay's birthday party on sunday...here's a little preview:

(believe it or not, this was BEFORE they had cake!)

so...what are YOU loving right now...?


  1. like this little list :-)
    i'm always looking for books to read thats for sure!
    and that picture - adorable! and just about right sans cake (now we wanna see the pics post-cake!)
    oh yeah... i checked out the vicious chicken right after the monkeemaker... another funny one - thanks!

  2. I'm loving your comment on my blog! Thanks!!

    (And tracy's ..... although PLEASE don't let PIMP be what I think it is ..... eeuuwww)

  3. Tracy is right - we need post-cake pics for comparison purposes!

    Also, thanks for your comment on my blog - I Like Your Thinking. If that MonkeeMaker wants a Delaware as a prize, then she can sure as heck make do with the state. Any ideas on how I can wrap it, though?

  4. Thanks for always being able to "lift" my spirit up. Love your blog!

  5. Manolo? You're my kind of girl! I love those shoes! As for the pic....the kids are real adorable! I agree with Tracy, it would be nice to see a pic post-cake!

  6. oh how i wish you were going with me!!!!
    birthday party looks like it was fun. =)
    lauren tidbits...
    see you did have stuff to post about!!!

  7. Woo-hoo, you entered my KSSP! Thanks so much for joining in :o)

    And I'll let you in on a secret - I think I'm about the same speed as you (so leave off with the one-armed person jibes, OK? And remember - it's not a competion! Although "Slow knitters unite!" may have to become my mantra...)

    Anyway, now you know why it took me so long to finish my monkeys! Thing is, it feels fast when I'm knitting... *sigh*

  8. those girls are cute!!!
    great list :)


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