Tuesday, October 23, 2007

caardvarks' challenge: *TO DIE FOR*

i don't mean that the prize...altho...come to think of it, that's rather fab, too! (it's a $20 gift certificate from for the love of scrap!) no, the challenge itself is called "to die for" because we're making cards with die-cuts on them!!!

plus we have a guest design team member this month: her name is sj dowsett, she made the cool new caardvarks' banner you've been seeing for the last week or so, her cards for this challenge are *AWESOME* and her blog is pretty darn cool, too!

ok, so my card:

(cardstock: bazzill; patterned paper: crafty secrets; glittery diecuts: amscan; chipboard sentiment: k&co; flowers: prima; gems: jewelcraft)

isn't it funny how things sometimes look completely different when you scan them ?! for example, irl the leaves on the diecut flowers are much more blue-green looking than they are here...and thus tie in with the center section of the frame diecut being pale blue. on here... (as you can see!) ...not so much... also, you cannot tell that the diecuts have pretty little accents of glitter that are kind of cool & sparkly. ah well, ya can't love 'em all!!!

this challenge runs until midnight, 11-2; also my scrapdragon halloween card challenge runs until midnight, 10-30; as does scrapdragon layout challenge #6! ooooooh and i only just saw this yesterday, but if i can possibly squeeze in the time to do it, i really want to participate in the bloglandia halloween party! (i had SO MUCH FUN at the bloglandia ball! (my "ballgown" is here and the "recap" is here) i'm tellin' ya, if you want to meet some fun people and see some *amazing* works of art...ya gotta join in! of course, you can still do the blog tour on halloween, even if you don't make anything...but it's sooooo cool to be "in on it"!)


  1. very pretty card - i can see it fine and the colors all blend very nicely miss. (i just cant see the sparkle)

  2. I really need to know how you find the time to do all these challenges ..... AND additional secret ones that are fan-bally-tastic!!!

    It's no wonder you've recently been crowned Queen!

    Regards, from
    Your Loyal Subject

  3. So pretty, I love the little gems flowers too!

  4. I love your style and I would be happy to have you to participate at my Handmade Christmas Cards contest :-)

  5. Like MM, I too am amazed as to how you find the time to do all these challenges?!

  6. Your card is to die for, Quenn Lauren of Bloglandia!


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