Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's been a while...

...since i showed you a postcard...too long, in fact! so here's a recent paris one from my friend deborah:

awesome, isn't it? it's a teeny tiny cut-out-and-assemble sainte-chapelle! (before you ask: no, i'm not going to cut out and assemble it; but yeah, i thought about it.) that deborah, she knows me too well!

and now, some knitting news:
  • the new abc show pushing daisies had a pretty funny knitting sub-plot last night

  • this is a very cool site where you can find lots and lots of u.s. charities to whom you can donate pretty much anything you'd like to knit; here is another good one

  • if you time your knitting speed and report it to the vicious chicken, you could win the entire state of delaware!* (complete details here)

*(ok, technically speaking, this is not true; but there is a prize. and it'll be a good one, too. as soon as VC figures out what it is! besides, if you won the entire state of delaware...c'mon...ya know you don't have that much closet space!)


  1. Wow, my KSSP got a mention - you have totally made my day! Thank you :o)

    Of course, if anyone enters the KSSP on the back of this, you'll have reduced your chances of winning the fantabulous prize... did you think of that? If so, you are truly altruistic. I'm very impressed.

    I'm actually quite nervous now about the perceived quality of the prize. I mean, I think it's tops, but I feel I should cover myself by pointing out that one person's "fantabulous prize" is another person's "really lame piece of rubbish". Just in case. (Who know blog competitions could be so stressful?)

  2. Oh dearest Queen... What a wonderful card!!! Expect a little something coming your way very soon... hope you love it!

  3. now that's a cool postcard! i love Sainte-Chapelle!!!! beauteous place it is too :-)
    i saw VC and i'm not a fast knitter - itwould take me forever to get some knitting set up just so i could enter LOL... so i'll pass (and also i gotta visit Delaware fairly regularly... the state not the monkey... and thats enough pour moi!)
    that pushin daisies show is too fun isn't it?

  4. I am pretty much tempted to take the scissors & do what you are not willing to do.....assemble it & put it up on the mantel! Not that the houses this part of the world have a mantel!

    PS:- Please don't send the Vicious Chicken with her knitting needles after me....for having such thoughts! ;-)

  5. Pretty postcard, but it does look like it would be fiddly to cut out! Loving your pink creations, and your monkey goodies! ( I'm VERY jealous!!!!)

  6. love that postcard, very cool :)


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