Sunday, October 7, 2007

monkees are my bag, baby!

...or rather monkee bags...ok, just the fact, this one:

this is the prize awarded to me last weekend by the lovely monkee maker for my devotion to her awesome monkee blog! which, really, doesn't it seem like the present-giving should be the other way around?! but i would never, ever have come up with something this cool! a gorgeous handmade monkee tote, plus a little monkee notebook (for monkee notes) and some monkee candies! (ok, they are not, strictly speaking monkee candies...but they are really good!)

monkee maker kindly suggested that niece madeline might enjoy this present, and i am sure she is quite correct about that! ...but i think i might just have to hold on to it for a know, just until madeline is old enough to...ummmmm...safely handle a miniature monkee totebag...we would not want her to be involved in one of the many tragic toddler/miniature monkee totebag incidents reported each year, now would we??!

behold the bag, in its home, hanging from the bookshelves above my desk (this is the prime place of honor in the lauren universe, as we don't have a mantel!):

regard the cute monkee tag on the cute monkee bag:

it says "monkee maker" o'course! awwwwwwwwwww!

and lastly--almost my favorite part--monkee maker's monkee moo card with fab monkee photo on front and mm's info on back! (i would collect and trade these if they were commercially available!!! ...and you thought that pokemon thing was big...)

thank you, thank you, thank you, monkee maker!!!


  1. OMG! That's reaaalllly cute! Enjoy it before Madeline claims it!

  2. how on earth did i not know about this MONKEY blog??? i am a monkey-lovin woman - mostly stamped but hey i've made a sock monkey in my time! i cannot believe i have not stumbled upon it but i have already bookmarked it and i have you to thank miss L :-)
    (i think i may have to blame you too - now i'll be reading yet another blog.... ;-))
    that is one cute bag and yes, i'd keep it safe for madeline. you just never know ....

  3. That Monkee Maker is indeed very kind - what a nice monkey bag!

    Also, I'm with you on the colleting of moo cards - I have two so far (not from MM though, or even monkey related) which I am lamely referring to as my "collection". But NBM says two is only a pair, and I need three for a collection. What a spoilsport.

  4. How absolutely adorable ... if everyone had a cute little monkee bag, the world might be a better place. And how cute are those little moo cards ... I've got to check those out.

  5. Hi Lauren,

    Can't. Stop. Smiling. Thanks so much for your kind email and I'm so glad you like the goodies. RGH has told me to shut up as I keep reading little snippets out to him :D

    The only trouble is now I'm confined to the kitchen as my head won't fit through the door!

    And I love your idea of trading moo cards!

    Happy sunday and I'll mail you soon x

  6. This bag is too cute...this lil guy made me laugh1


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