Monday, October 8, 2007

pink-n-sparkly-phobes turn away NOW!!!

yes, it’s thing-onna-ring (mach 2, actually--more on that in a minute) in all it’s glory! and you lucky devils get to see it from every angle except dangling from the chandelier. not because i had the good grace to stop before the point of ridiculousness, dear readers i assure you; (HA! as if!) no, sadly, we just don’t happen to have a chandelier.

but first, here’s a little pic of mach 1...made last february, for lindsay’s big sis, riley elizabeth!

as for the many, many, MANY photos below…well, for one thing, we’ve finally replaced the old sony cybershot with…wait for it…a *new* sony cybershot (woohoo!) and i’ve been trying it out; also, thing 2 was just soooooo darn photogenic, how could i resist?! (the lighting is a big wonky on some of these; i really need to make myself one of amy’s brilliant mini-photo-studio thingies!) in the meantime i've started with all the parts, and then you see the assembled thing, in a variety of stunnin' supamodel poses!

(the fronts)
(more fronts)

(the backs)

(more backs)
(front of thing--note how the smaller tags at the back act as a sort of "kickstand" enabling THING to stand, unaided!)

(ooh! and he's ambidexterous!!)
(but eventually, exhaustion strikes--time for a sprawl)
and finally...JUST for miss june...who challenged me to incorporate elements of lindsay's pretty smocked & embroidered dress from the pics last week, a closeup of the result:


  1. Wow! this is fabulous, what a great idea and all that work you have done, you must have been so proud. :)

    Debbie x

  2. Oh my gosh, Lauren, this is SOOOO dreamy!!!!

  3. I love pink so this post did not bother me in the least! I love love love your pink project....very hip and cool.

  4. These are all so fabulous! You are amazing. Lindsay and Riley must be thrilled to have you as an oh-so-cool aunt. How in the world did you come up with the idea for these? I give you an A+++ for meeting the "Match Lindsay's dress" challenge. You definitely win the tiara and title for meeting and exceeding a challenge. How obnoxious and rude of me to challenge you, of all people :)

  5. love all the pink and sparkliness! what a cool thing! and with a kick stand yet? what more could anyone ask? :-)

  6. Pink & sparkly...apt for a lil Princess! I love it! I love the Thing!

  7. oh love the sparklyness!!!
    so talented. **sigh** care to share your mojo?


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