Monday, October 1, 2007

it's my *100th* post!!!

so i've ordered balloons!
ok, i didn't exactly order them. they just happened to fly over our house the other night, right before dusk. we were indoors eating dinner, and wouldn't even have *known*, except we happened to have all the windows open and we heard this weird WHOOSHING noise.

"what was that?" asked lovely husband jeff.

"it sounds like the flame burner thingie on a hot air balloon," i replied immediately.

of course lhj is far too lovely to say, "have you lost your mind?!" but the look he gave me was fairly eloquent. not that i blame him! had the situation been reversed, i'd've done the same. in fact, had there been a mirror to hand, i would have regarded myself with some suspicion.

which is a pity, since as a matter of fact, it was the flame burner thingie on a hot air balloon; and the balloon in question was right above our house. (yes, you may add to my list of secret super-powers the ability to recognize fairly obscure noises from quite a long way away. who knew??!)

turns out, said balloon was the first of 7 or 8. i guess they were having a balloon...rally or...regatta or...whatever you call it when 7 or 8 hot air ballons all fly (...sail? ...float??) in the same general direction at the same time. whatever it may called, i can tell you it is very cool to watch, particularly when it occurs, unexpectedly and unbidden, right over your home! ...but i still have to wonder...

how did they even know it was my *100th* post??! :)


  1. truly how DID they know?
    crack me up - gorgeous pics! so i imagine you went running like a crazy woman for the camera? :-) now that's a thinking blogger woman if ever there was.
    congrats on 100 posts - 100 crazy wonderful creative and hilarious posts!

  2. Wow - balloon-tastic! I especially like the Halloween pumpkin one. Happy 100th post, and congratulations on the new secret super-power :o) You will use it wisely, won't you?

  3. you crack me up!
    yay on your 100th post...that was quick...didn't you just start this thing.
    got some postcard stamps...finally.
    broke wind.
    uh huh.
    i was just seeing if you were paying attention!
    great photos by the nice of them to help you celebrate!

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    AND... CONGRATS on being officially crowned: Queen Lauren, the Queen of Not Doing What I'm Supposed to be Doing. That's right! You won the handcrafted crown (and of course the wand)... please email me [a.egan{at}] with your shipping info, at your convenience, of course, your Royal Highness! Congrats again!!!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I went on a hot air balloon ride once w/ my hottie hubby for his birthday (it was what he asked for). I had a lot of fun :)
    100 posts already? COngratulations! I love each and every one of your blog entries.
    If LHJ (lovely husband Jeff) ever doubts you again, you must remind him of this night!

  6. how did they know??? do you think you could send them my way??

    how fun...I love the LHJ...I think I may start calling David "LHD"

    Congratulations on or 100th post...when are we getting together to celebrate? I can bring some face paint.


  7. Congrats on the blogging milestone ... bring on more balloons ... love the jack-o-lantern one.

  8. WOW! Congratulations on your *100th* Post! Like Tracy, I can picture you running in and out & around your house...first to see the balloon & then to get your camera & then to get a proper shot of it!

  9. Oh.. yeah those are from me :)! hee hee hee!
    Congrats on your 100th post!! I am encroaching my 200th post! *jumping up and down "YAY ME!!"*
    When you're done with the balloons just blow them back this way. Our sky is a little empty at the moment!


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