Friday, October 19, 2007

talk about yer snappy titles!

i am currently hosting my second card-making challenge over at scrapdragon: it’s called the “nothing-like-the-last-minute procrastinator’s mass-producible halloween card challenge”! you have until the 30th to create two (or more) spooktacular holiday greetings which utilize the same basic materials. head on over there for complete details, but in the meantime here’s what i came up with:

the nieces have started postcard collections… (yeah, as a matter of fact i am responsible for that!) …tho i’ll be mailing these in envelopes, they're 4” x 6” in order to fit in the special postcard collecting books i made for the girls this summer. (in fact they are just inexpensive photo albums from Michaels’ that I personalized and decorated with rub-ons, but as far as the girls are concerned these are totally serious and official books for totally serious and official postcard collectors!) we started out by sending them a few “princess” postcards from disneyworld in may, and the girls--especially riley and lindsay--were just absolutely crazy about them, so now i try to send cards from anywhere we go. they’re sooooo adorable on this subject! each time i've visited since summer, they have both run to get their books and proudly show me all of the cards inside! after lindsay’s birthday party when i mentioned it was the first time i had not seen said books, lovely husband jeff revealed that *he* had been the lucky recipient of the postcard show on this occasion!

ps: we're still "on the road"...a real post about atlantic city is on the way...tomorrow or sunday!


  1. those are adorable. booboo kitty
    and the little albums for the nieces - how sweet!
    hope you're having fun!

  2. Oooooh, I looooove these cards!

    You are the coolest Aunt! No doubt you are their favorite. I'll check out your contest...

  3. Booooo!! This is beautiful! I see that your recruits to your "Mafia" are getting younger! Start them young, eh?!


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