Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i've got baggage

(no, seriously, you have no idea!)
...but also...i made this over the weekend for my friend paul's birthday:

(dcwv paper; making memories fabric letters; autumn leaves rub-ons; ki epoxy sticker; heidi swapp photo corners; earth pic & geological map of the pacific rim--used as giftwrap--are from a very old, very large, world atlas)

sadly, something i did not end up making over the weekend was an entry for the bloglandia halloween event. as sunday afternoon progressed, and i was still far, far away from having my idea come together, i realized i had to choose between using every non-work waking second of monday and tuesday to work like a crazy person...or to pull the plug and be bummed out today. ordinarily, for me, this would be a "no-brainer", so much so that i would not have even stopped long enough to formulate the question! ...but i think that "maturity thing"... (or at least that "old & tired thing", lol) ...might be kickin' in, because for the first time *EVER* i chose sanity over achievement. and yeah, waking up today, i'm sad not to have participated, but i can still go and visit all the lovely art...and there will be (i hope & trust) more opportunities to join in!


  1. i can't see your pic :( NUTS!!
    ALWAYS choose sanity!! you and those around you will be much happier in the end!

  2. I want to hire you to wrap all my gifts. Seriously, its all in the presentation, and you got it goin' on. Why I can barely wrap a gift decently is beyond me, when I am so particular about my cards and scrapbook pages. I have the old tired thing too often...I don't participate half as much as I'd like to! I think sanity is over-rated. It is much more fun in crazyland. More people know me there!!!
    BTW, I LOVE your monkey cards!

  3. ooo these are brilliant ,your friend will love them ,Dawnx

  4. Wow - I really like the mappy things you made - they're so cool :o) I'm a map geek at heart...

  5. Love the map thingies, too - and want to apologize for my rather rude wordpress comment gadget which cut you off mid-sentence :-((


  6. Love the gorgeous gift bag! and the prezzie is wrapped beautifully!

  7. Love the map wrap theme! Your friend is going to feel pampered and special just from the wrapping!

    I missed the bloglandia event too ... had to choose between blogging and the once a year visit of grandma to see her only grandkids. Sanity was an extra bonus :)

    Have a Happy Halloween!!!

  8. i love the presents :-) such wonderful wrapping - lucky friend he is.
    and i'm all over the maturity thing. too much so i'm afraid LOL - we are like fine wine i guess :-) there comes a point when you say its ok.. and it is :-)

  9. Gosh! I'm really trying to figure out how you find so much time?! Gorgeous wrapping!


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