Friday, October 12, 2007

looooooookee what the mailman brought!

it's a smilyn' stef original for my very own!!! how cool is that?! (hint: it is very, very cool!) i have to tell you that the scan doesn't do justice to the layers, they depth, the texture...! look at it here, soak in its beauty...and then multiply about 17!

do you ever wonder if it's worth the time and effort to make cards? if people really like getting them better than mass-produced ones?? of course, anytime someone makes the effort to send you a card--of any description--it's wonderful. i'm not dissin' the store-bought cards of the world, by any means! ...BUT...having this come in the mail, opening it, seeing the creativity...not to mention the work and the skill, the time and the effort that went into it...i can definitively tell you:

handmade cards *ROCK*!!!

(thank you, stephanie!!!!!)


  1. Ditto! That card is a joy. Kudos to smilin' Stef. I love her cards.

  2. they absolutely do!!!!
    and people always comment when you send them a handmade one. :-)
    this card is very cute - nice happy colors!

  3. Totally agree that handmade cards *Rock*!


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