Monday, December 30, 2013

dd24: big macs and bernard

one of the stranger holiday traditions jeff and i celebrate each year is based upon our love of a now rather ancient BBC christmas special called "bernard and the genie" which was a sort of early 1990's take on the arabian nights, as scripted by richard curtis.* we watch it every year, usually on christmas eve, whilst eating a wonderfully light and nutritious meal of... yep, you guessed it: big macs!** :) what can i say, we are generally pretty healthy eaters, but very occasionally, i think ya just really need to wallow in the glorious gloppiness of total junk food, and thus we enjoy our tradition immensely!

(trees: cut from a catalog; instagrammed photo printed on kodak premium glossy paper; patterned paper: october afternoon, reminisce; journaling card: my mind's eye; foam and chipboard thickers: american crafts; adhesives: staples brand gluetape runner, scotch gluestick)
another super-simple page: the photo shows part of said sandwich and the (unfortunately very glarey) dvd cover; the funky trees were something i'd cut from a holiday catalog last year for... something (?)... and then not used, so they were lurking in my "cut out" folder; and since, for pretty much this entire december daily project my motto has been, "when in doubt, throw some thickers on there" we've got two more fonts joining in! and thus another page comes together like... welllllll... MAGIC! ♥♥♥

*who went on to write and direct a few things you might be more familiar with, such as "four weddings and a funeral" and "love, actually"
**it's a long story, based on jeff's favorite scene from the film; trust me, it makes sense in context. at least it does to us, lol! :)

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